The WE Flask Gift that Wasn't for the Challenge Event that Wasn't?

So sometimes last week, there was a message from the Inbox that shows contains a WE Flask Gift that has become somewhat of a customary gift from SGG for every Challenge Event.

Except last week, there was no challenge event, but rather, it was Atlantis Rises, but the Inbox did show up with a message that supposed to gift a WE Flask on a Challenge Event message. However, since there is no challenge event, ergo, no WE Flask was really given by that message, which is understandable, I was actually a little surprised no one brought it up on the day of (or at least I didn’t see one, perhaps it wasn’t warranting a post about?)

What’s interesting is that, there is now a Challenge Event message indicating that there has already been a “claimed” WE Flask sitting in my inbox and it’s supposed to expire in 10957 days. Sure I could delete it, but I am also curious to see if the game will still be around in 30 years.

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