The way titan hits. 2 complaints, lol

I have noticed this for a while now and it gets annoying (politely speaking for lack of a better word) .
This is about the titans that fire all those leaves or other types of foliage (or the like) against every hero.

  1. it takes about 3 to 4 secs for each hit to complete and the titans mana fills quite fast so on average you get hit by these things 3 to 5 times during each battle taking away around 9 to 15 secs off our attacking times.

That’s the annoying part as you want to maximize what you do within the already short period only to be prevented from firing for those secs every match.

  1. At the end, final secs. I have also noticed that in the final secs the titan always hits stopping you from using up all your heros last attacks but yet he can keep hitting you past the clocks end time.

This means we lose at least 3 secs at the end which should be ours (I reckon) anyway, again only because you work so hard to build up mana for your heros before the clock stops and the way the titan hits taking away those 3 secs stops you from using it up and that’s always annoying, lol.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone but it woukd be nice if titans are going to make/have such long hitting times that the clock be stopped/paused during those times (few secs) so that we don’t lose those 9 to 15 secs out of the already short time limit we have.

Just something I have noticed that happens more and more and only seems to get longer.

Hit titans’ weak spots to avoid them doing many hits.

If you omit weak spots and try to go for the best gem combinations, you are punished by having to watch attack animations (and/or hero deaths).

It’s a tradeoff, so choose wisely.

I consider it a strategic part of titan battles. It is fine as it is.

PS. Titan doing hits after the “clock time” doesn’t change anything either. Well, maybe apart from enraging us a little bit - by showing who’s got the last word in that discussion.

Yea I know about the weak spots, but you don’t always get the tiles to do that do you, lol.

Still those secs we lose shouldn’t really be taken up by the titan reducing our already short time even further.

Sometimes I get bad board where I can’t stun him no matter what.
But sometimes I get amazing board which just does damage without me having to do much.

I would say, extremely bad and extremely good boards even out for me.

Lol. Same here.

Please don’t misunderstand me, i am not complaining in a bad way as I do understand it’s the way the titan hits.

I just thought it happens so much I’d make it a conversation piece to see what others thought about it.

As for me personally I hit the titan daily as does our whole allience and we use it try out different heros and combinations of heros win or lose.

I am sure even you with your wise points made that when you get a little annoyed when in the last few 3 or 4 secs your heros are loaded and you can’t fire because the titans taking to long to complete his shot. It’s natural. Lol

Also, regarding animations… I don’t mind titan’s animations.

It’s animations of all those top hero skills that infuriate me. They cover the board for quite some time making me unable to start looking for the next move.

I’d love to be able to disable those animations. It’s like being punished for bringing good heroes.


I agree, that too.

Lets add that to the list of the titan annoying us, lol and taking away our valued time.

I will agree. We all loose a decent amount of time everytime the titan has to wind up to hit your heros. It used to be that you could hit while it was doing anything. But it also keeps the game more interesting with hitting.

I figured during every battle if the titan hit someone, he have more chances to hit the same hero a second time.
And Even all ennemies have also more chances to hit the hero with less health. Yes, almost always happen, did the experience on hundreds of battle. Thats making me rage XD cause it feels like not random.

Random is an expression used to cover up the fact that it doesn’t need to be explained.

Nothing is truely random especially when it comes to computer programs as the settings for these go deeper into the nitty gritty than a 100yr old tree has branches and leaves.

These things are setup to hit ad your mana increases, they work on percentages.

Anyone who believes that random means co control over what it does has no idea what so ever and that’s probably 95 to 98% of internet users.