The way of courage

hello, players of my alliance my report a bug in the challenges of the way of courage they carried out the first 5 raids tournament then had had finished 10 battle in the tournament then they have kill 10 and what is strange it is that it displays 5/10 the same for some players they made 5 raid tournaments and on the challenges it is indicated 0 here for the bug thank you good day

It is not a bug. The first level of the tournament challenge requires 5 tournament battles, and the second level requires 10 battles (so total of 15 battles to finish both). So assuming that they have done all their tournament battles yesterday and today, then they should be at 5/10 of the 2nd level.

Added note, if some players did their 1st day tournament battles before Path of Valor started, then those battles won’t count and they will at 0/10 of the 2nd level if they have done their battles today.


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