The way of courage tournaments raids

hello, one of my players did the raid tournament challenges which is in the way of courage the first day he had to participate in 5 tournament raid battle what he did 5/5 the second day the counter has 0 he must beat 10/10 so it does raids and gets 5/10 then some time later he goes back to see and he notices that he no longer has 5/10 but 2/10 raid tournaments carried out in my alliance he doesn’t is not the only one to have this concern they are 2 here below the screen made by my player thank you

The time stamps are reversed on the screenshots to the order you’re saying… ?

This screenshot has 18:18 & shows 2/10

This screenshot has 18:28 and shows 5/10

I suspect your team member is a bit confused… the later screenshot shows 5/10 as it should… They’ve completed 2 of their 5 attacks, taken the screenshot then done the remaining 3 and taken another screenshot & reported it out of order…

Day 1 of the tournament = 5 battles. This completed the 5/5 required for Tournament Challenge Tier 1

Day 2 of the tournament = 5 more battles. This completed 5/10 needed for the Tournament Challenge Tier 2

If you so day 3 it will take you to 10/10 of Tournament Challenge Tier 2.

I don’t think those are time stamps… rather showing how long battery/cell loading time.

Notice that the first screen shot shows heroes killed in raids at 11/200 and the second shows 18/200. If your presumption of the ‘time codes’ were correct, that this would be wrong as well.

@Lulu59 - your team member should send a ticket to support with the screen shots. No one on the forum can look into this, as we are all players like you.

It’s the time on the clock when the Ss was taken.

Idk tho… Just what I thought happened :slight_smile:

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