The #/# Wave update

What are you talking about with Telluria? She should be buffed/some of her nerf reversed. She is not very good currently. I have her maxed and dont even use her for war. I almost never see her when raiding either.


Unfortunately, you chose wave counter as the title so the message on other proposed update is overshadowed.

War eq always goes off exactly when it’s time comes. It’s up to you to make use of it… or not.


For things such as Trials, Costume or ToL where winning that stage is dependent on getting all your heroes charged up before the boss battle, the wave counter is highly valuable.

Yes, you can see the number at the beginning of the wave, but there are plenty of times where you will get distracted by this thing called real life and will have to put down your device in the middle of a stage. Being able to see that number in the top right corner when you return to the game is a small but impactful change.


I am not denying that. Clearly some players really prefer this change and that’s great. I personally think colorblind mode is great even though I don’t use it but I’ve seen others use it and it makes the game vibrant and cosmetically nicer.

My point and I guess this stems from how I work/worked is that I would of focused on “other” issues that are in the game currently. Subjectively I never seem to forget which wave I am on but again ymmv and it clearly does, not at you but at others happy with this change :slight_smile:

I do appreciate the input though from the community and it’s lax forgiveness to even small updates and patches like this. I guess a patch Is a patch in one way or another as long as it helps :slight_smile:

The wave counter have been asked for years and a lot of players perviously complained that its been years yet such simple update had not been implemented. The wave counter addition is really late but it is better late than never.


I gotcha. I will admit I rarely check the official channels as my name states I just lurk and play. I did not know this was asked by many. :slight_smile:

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I personally find the wave counter very helpful. :woman_shrugging:


Wave counter is something that has been requested since s1 already so I am personally happy to see thermy are doing small QoL updates that are demanded by the community.
You can keep on bashing on e&p or be grateful for what they do do.


At worst I am point out that SG should correct and update actual issues. At best I can clearly see you guys needed this, heh.

By my quick count the latest version included 17 fixes

Funnily enough, given that there are enough things to legitimately complain about in this game, I don’t think I can fairly get behind a single one of the issues raised in the OP.

Wave counter is useful.
War equalizer is on a counter so you know when it’s due to activate.
Ninja Tower doesn’t please everyone, but some love it, and there are plenty of other events to keep players busy (some say too many).
Telluria was easier to deal with at first release, now needs nerfing? Say what? :confused:
What does it matter if the enemy attacks when you’re dead? It doesn’t affect the score.
Defender bonuses have been the same for years.
Yes, bugs do need addressing, but as pointed out by pp, they are being addressed. I’m not aware of any that are actually game breaking. Some have proved quite difficult to pin down, one gathers (Alfrike vs Malosi a prime example).

Now, if you had said “Isn’t it about time we had something productive to do with all those duplicate 4* and 5*?” you’d be inundated with likes…


The wave counter is one if the most asked for QoL optimizations this game got in years!
All the other complains in this thread are without merit. Ninja Tower is not liked be all but loved by the majority of the more expierienced players. Power creep is not a problem but the only mechanism keeping this game alive. If everyone has 30+ powerful heroes, not only raids snd wars would stall, SGs business modell would break too, if no one would buy gems to summon new heroes.

I think if SG staff could walk on water, you would complain that they possible can not swim.

Relax and find the fun of this game again or look for another but dont spend your time with something you find not too your liking…

I am a very casual lurker on the forums but I have been playing this game for 3 years. Not really worried about likes from random people on the internet just sharing my views on the current situation.

I knew I’d be getting a lot of, for the lack of a better term, sheep, to comment but I also did not know this was a highly requested change neither because I just lurk here. I play EP much differently than 99% of the community. I don’t stack and I have max mana troops and I got quite lucky at the summoning gate when I did spend (I don’t anymore) a bit as I saw this game a pretty cool and fun investment (I also happen to be a gamer as well and play tons of other video games) and always enjoy giving back feedback, no matter how raw it may sound to others and clearly I’ve hit a nerve here it seems. I do apologize it came out raw but all of my points are subjective to me and my experiences. Yes for me when Telluria came out she was easier to deal with (I know it does sound strange, I’ll give you that) so for Me I don’t see the point of this change because I always paid attention to the game as I enjoy being involved and take it seriously.

Again, Clearly you guys needed this counter for whatever (I could guess a few reasons of the top of my head, nothing bad I know the general age group that plays this game) reasons and that’s ok. I apologize again for posting. I will go back to lurking. See ya!

OK, that’s all of us put in our place then.

:sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

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So when she healed more, longer, had a higher mana slow, beefier minions, and a FAR more powerful Vela on flank she was easier?

Yeah. No. That doesn’t pass the sniff test. If you’re still having trouble with her, it’s because of the much more powerful flanks now, not Telluria herself.


Titans hitting last can sometimes help the player. Examples are if mindless attack has been cast, thats extra damage/points. Or if you have reflect/riposte up and the titan makes a last hit= higher score. Or if you have a status ailment/DoT on the titan, these trigger at the end of a titans turn… all in all, absolutely no drawback (except for people claiming that it is unfair that titans hit last) but potentially higher score for the player.


I didn’t see a share button so I hope this works. Sorry if it doesn’t I am not a forum specialist but this was right on release. (Oh I guess it does work, nice). Again ymmv. Feel free to see how I play, up to you. This is not a flex. With the current power creep and new further hero levels I truly believe they should remove the innate hidden bonus on defense or buff troop damage (yes I could spend for Ninja troops I know) but yeah, I think my suggestions are sound. My play style is a bit different as you can see, should you choose to sniff around further (saying that in a nice way :slight_smile: )

I will agree with you though new heros and new meta has changed and that’s cool but at my level even still I am still facing Telluria, Vela and Gravemaker or Jean Francois/Marjana. Again ymmw. All okay!

I guess I am looking at from a fighting video game standpoint like SF/MK ect where it’s quite unsportsmanlike to continue attacking your opponent after you clearly won. Capcom actually put a code work asked by the community that once a KO is triggered you cannot have control over the character but again I am here comparing 2 different genres but I figured I’d throw it in there. Appologies.

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The rule in titan fight is a turn consisted of players and titan each get chance to make their move. We the players move first, then the Titan follows. If we have make our move but due to the animation, the timers run out before the titan make their move, the titan should still continue. Otherwise, the titan will have one less turn than us which is unfair for the titan.

If you don’t want the titan to move after timers run out, it is simple, when the timer show only 10 seconds remain, don’t make a move. Now both fight on equal number of turns, both do not have move animation pass the timer limit.

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