The WatchKeepers Boot Camp

The WatchKeepers Boot Camp is looking for new players. And we mean really new!

At WatchKeepers we love this game and want to help starting players. Some of our experienced WatchKeepers swept the old clubhouse, cleaned up the garden and started writing training materials. So if you are looking for a head start with a good team of teachers and a helpful alliance, join us! We promise to only yell at you a little during your WatchKeepers Boot Camp.


  • Daily activity.

  • Hit every titan.

  • War is optional, but if you opt in, use at least 3 flags if you are below lvl 20, or 6 lvl 20 and up.

  • Line is required for War, but feel free to chat or just read.

  • Age: 18+

We welcome everyone who follows these rules, but we are also looking for players that want to join the big boys and girls at The WatchKeepers when they are ready. So to get to know them, we have a big Line group where we all hang out, get advice and discuss strategies or just share booze.

Interested? Contact us at Line ID ‘w1nnie’ or ‘Elivy’.


Thanks for the invitation. If I leave my alliance, consider joining

Thanks for replying. I noticed you have been very active on the forum lately. Are you trying to boot your own alliance? With so many alliances already out there, it might be more convenient to share efforts in stead of starting from scratch.
Feel free to respond, good luck, whatever you decide.

My husband has formed an alliance … I haven’t set up, I’m not ready yet :slight_smile:

We have room for about 10 new starting players. Hope to welcome you soon!

When the battle comes…
What side will you be on?

The WatchKeepers Boot Camp is looking for new starting players!

It’s dangerous to go alone…

The WatchKeepers Boot Camp is looking for new starting players!

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