The war score is calculated incorrectly

The sum of the levels of all members of the “ЗАКАРПАТТЯ УЖГОРОД” alliance is 831. The sum of the levels of all members of their enemy alliance (30.10.2018) is 911. This is 80 levels higher! Thus, each member of the enemy alliance is 2,75 levels higher than the members of our alliance. This clearly proves the fallacy of calculating the War Score

Player levels have nothing to do with war score. Neither do trophies. Neither does Alliance score.


If the war score allows to set
high-level players against beginners, his calculation is devoid of balance and logic

Player levels do not directly affect how an alliance performs in wars. Bench depth, coordination and participation are the key.

You’re griping about matching when you have no idea how your opponent stacks up in any of those categories.

Do yourself a favor. Click on your Alliance and look at the details of the alliance score. You’ll have a titan score and a trophy score which are added to give your alliance score.

Below that, you will see a War Score. This is the score that matching is based on. It tells you how it is calculated and what goes into it. Compare yours and your opponent’s and see how close they are, instead of giving up before you even see the opposition.

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Of course, I know the indicators that determine the score of war. also, no one is going to surrender without a battle. But, I say that the alliance is 80 levels higher - it will have stronger teams and heroes. so, the indicators for the war score - not chosen correctly.

But as stated, player level has very little to do with player power.

Team 1: 30x players that are lvl 50 = “1500 levels”
Team 2: 30x players that are lvl 55 = “1650 levels”

That would mean Team 2 is 10% stronger than Team 1! Injustice! Or is it?

No. It doesnt work that way.
Not claiming that matchmaking is perfect, but it doesnt deserve the beatdown it gets.


You are not even sure if all have opted into war… Maybe 5 players are not participating at all…
So give it your best and use all flags and then see where you stand.


You are totally mistaken about the levels. For example I have come across many f2p ppl who keep grinding and farming reaching high levels but still with no 5* card in the line up. Yes they in most cases have a deep 4* bench but this does not stop you from defeating their defense team.

Personally I only worry about my own bench and our alliance had come to terms with the fact we have to play with the cards dealt, no matter if we think matching was fair or not. You either try or give up.
We had been matched today with the alliance that looks stronger in all aspects, def team, levels, cups… but hey, we realised it’s double edged sword as they had a good reason to celebrate. We will still give it our best shot. You never know, some of their players might not log in or we might get lucky boards. It’s gonna be fun anyways.

Player level has nothing to do with the alliance score.

Have a good one and keep fighting xx


Thank you for your kind wishes. Of course we will do our best to win. but, I’m still sure that in most cases a high-level player will win a low-level one. after the start of the battle - I will inform the strength of the defense teams of both alliances, the number of players who took part in the war. after which it will be possible to find out how correctly the selection is carried out

We just had this discussion in our alliance. A player pointed out that our profile levels overall were higher than our opponent.

I pointed out that by the time the wars started a lot of us were already at levels in the 30s. However, we had one, two, maybe three teams. No one had a full roster of 30 solid, strong heroes. We fought the first half dozen wars with teams of 2 stars.

Now a lot of us are at level 50 with ALMOST full sets of good (still not great) six teams.

Compare that to some of our newer players. They started when the wars were well established and NEVER fed away away 3 stars, like we did regularly. In some cases their benches are already better at level 30 than some of our higher players.

So, I agree, player levels have nothing to do with comparisons for war.


New data to analyze the correctness of the war score:
Both alliances have full player teams.
The total strength of the defense teams of our alliance is 87630.
The total strength of enemy defense teams is 90583.
This means that the enemy’s defense teams are 2,953 points stronger.
The strength of the defense team of EVERY member of the enemy alliance is 102 points more than each of us.
This is another proof - errors in the calculations of the War Score.

Hi Steel

Tbh 3k strength difference is not that much, my alliance gets around 8-10k difference and we manage to win some of them. Also you are forgetting that the defence scores might look worrying to you BUT you need to work out your attack ability (as these are 2 different things). There is a reason why everyone has ONE defence team and gets 6 war flags, it gives your alliance a chance to coordinate attack and PICK your cards for each attack. I believe most wars can be won either way with the right coordination, participation and without going in blind just forb the sake of getting the points.

I am 90% certain we will lose the current war but hey, can’t win them all.

Thing about it as you would about raiding, if you pick the right cards you still manage to beat a team which is 300 stronger than you. This is because you need to think twice about your team before attacking. What’s the point in only rolling for weaker players. I found that I learn much more by picking stronger opponents than by getting easy wins. The same applies to wars.

Happy fighting!

You are still focusing on things that have little to do with war matching. What are your alliance WAR scores?

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I know that the score of the war of our alliance is equal to the score of the war of the enemy.
But I assert about the other, the criteria for calculating it are erroneous.
Criteria do not include obvious things: enemy levels, strength of defense teams. The result - a selection of the enemy is not fair. Of course, there remains a chance to win (sly tactics). But in most cases - the strongest wins.
If something looks like a pumpkin, grows like a pumpkin, and glows for Halloween - then most likely this is a pumpkin. :smile:
I will also report on the results of the war in order to have complete statistical data.

Well, they do take your best heroes in to account. We can not expect for the AI to be able to use the “defence team” power to match for wars as it is up to every player to pick their defense team during preparation process. If it was based on the strongest team then ppl would be kicking off saying AI picked their team wrong, in wrong order, and specials do not work together or that they would rather use fully levelled 4* instead of 3/70 5* and so on and so on… This is why your best 30 heroes are taken in to account and you are responsible for using your cards in the most efficient way. I bet you don’t always use your strongest team but you pick the one that will be most efficient and powerful (not in numbers but abilities and cooperation) for the occasion.

Also, just maybe, you have a bunch of players with 5* not really leveled to the point when they are useful but their stats are already better than maxed or almost maxed 4*?

We did have a discission about this in my alliance and decided to have a look into our roosters and found this to be a bit of an issue so we re working on it. You might need to have a look in to how your alliance members level their benches.

It also says your alliance achievements are taken in to account. What titans are you fighting? Do you ever use mercs help to kill them?

Other than that I really don’t know what to say as I still think the matching is quite fair despite the fact we are bound to loose some wars.

Have a good one!

any confidence should be based on statistics. You can come up with various theories, but the numbers confirm the opposite.
about defense teams: both alliances put the best heroes on these teams, with the best defense. do otherwise would not be logical. if defense teams differ by 3000 points (and even higher), then alliance forces will not be equal. so there is an error in the calculations.

My confidence in saying what I said is based on my own experience, and this is enough for me.

***When you raid, do you always go for weaker players?
No, you adjust your team to be effective for much stronger team and you win the raid.

Same goes for wars. I don’t think many ppl put their strongest cards on defence as these don’t necessarily work well together. You need to use your MOST effective defence team, which sometimes means dropping the 5* and replacing it with a 4* just because it will be more effective (specials work better together, fast mana, debuff, you name it, whatever your strategy is). Most of defence teams which have just been chucked in there to “defend” because the stats are high are no problem to kill, as they have not been positioned properly or their specials don’t work well together.

Also, some ppl fight till they die, even when they see what’s going to happen. Why not hit the run button when you see you’re about to loose and NOT let the opponent’s healers do their magic, this way you or someone else does not walk in on a fully leveled team again and the flag is not completely wasted. This is what, imho, costs a lot of points, wasting a flag to fight till one drops and leaving a fully healed opponent behind. Just use that run button when it needs to be hit.
We have a rule in my alliance to run before the healer goes off IF we see there is nothing else we can do. It’s also a good way to utilise your weaker members with no deep benches, having them do damage to the opponent’s healers.

We have to agree to disagree on this one as I think no war is 100% lost for anyone, apart from a glitch here and there, but this is to be expected when there are over xx million of players.

If you really think there is a bug in your matching take screenshots and submit a bug report. This way, if there is something going on devs can have a look in to it.

Have a good one x

The war ended with the victory of our alliance. :slight_smile: :cake: :tada: The difference was about 400 points. however, the enemy alliance did not use 54 hits. 4 strong players of the opponent - did not strike any blow. thus, the result of the war did not give an unequivocal answer to the question of the correctness of the calculations. Yes, we won. but, with a little more activity, a stronger opponent would have won. the war score could not be based on the lack of activity in the future. Thank you)))

Your expectation that people put there strongest heroes on their defense team is way off.

I don’t have any 5* healers but I have a rainbow of at or near 4/80 heroes that don’t go on my defense team because I have better defensive 4s. It’s only logical. My defense almost never gets challenged in war and it works better than the wrong match of 5s.

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