The war rules grow the gap even more between alliances when the matchmaking is broken

The matchmaking is still garbage and the new adition grow the gap even more between the alliances. Defenses get a small nerf and the better alliance have more advantage over the underpowered one. Bad ideas from devs to come with this war rules. They have to fix matchmaking first, but from what I see they are not able to do it. Not a small step in the right direction and is been over 3 months.


We had zero chance in this war, and it has caused my Alliance to decide not to be required to participate in War going forward.

Rewards have never been worth the trouble, and with the horrendous matchmaking it’s even worse.

When 20+ of your opponents are over 3500, and you don’t have 20 over 3000, you have no chance. So count us as another Alliance pulling ourselves out.

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We had basically identical stats. It’s hard enough to do significant damage when the opponent has 400+ power advantage, but to then add healing…pointless

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