The war Attack didn't count in the Path of vailor

In the game have the connection issues after battle in alliance war and after reconnect the battle haven’t count in Path of Vailor

time of issue
30.04.2020 ~0:30 - 0:50 GMT +3
The Details of issue: fight Antlantis, next fight in Aliance war, Drink world energy flack and start Hard level of frostmarch. At the frostmarch have the connecting issue. After game reload: the flack is returned back(in the options -> support -> recent activity flack has been drunk), the energy stay as I wont’t go atlantis and drink a flack (7/31) and the path of vailor didn’t count an aliance battle(in the log of war battle is written)
How can I count the Aliance war battle for Path of vailor?

Hiya @NeCola;

Best thing to do is to create a support ticket. Instructions click this hashtag: #contact-support

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Yes, I have experienced the same issue today. I have been disconnected right at the moment when I pressed to attack at alliance war and flag wasted - scored zero points, flag counted as used at war but did not count as used also in Path of Valor mission. I still have 5/24 instead of 6/24. To be honest - it would have been better to get a chance to use my flag so it should not been counted in both alliance war and path of valor. It was my last flag.

I’m also having the same issue.

I thought it might have been caused by the fact that I was disconnected immediately after I tapped “Attack”.
I checked my other apps and they all had Internet connectivity and I had full WiFi bars. Scored 0 and lost a flag.

I also have the same progression on War attacks in PoV (5/24)

…and that means we need to participate on +1 war to get 2400 points. This is +3 days of waiting for next war. That is why I was so angry today. And I m still not to much comfortable with this.

Hey man, did you get to the bottom of this?
I’m currently at 17 attacks when I should be at 18.
I’ve been in every war since PoV started and used every flag, so my total war attacks should be a multiple of 6.

However its 17 not 18.

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