The visuals of the Special Skills - Which one do you fear the most?

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The visuals of the Special Skills - Which one do you fear the most?

I thought it´d be fun to have a thread about this, because I noticed, that even though a Special Skill being fired might not be the deadliest around, I am certain it impacts the way I play, because its visuals appear so frightening! Time to give credit to the artists behind it :slightly_smiling_face:

So, just by looking at the graphic effects of the Special Skills, which one do you fear the most?

I´m not all caught up with the new shiny heroes, but, regardless of that, my vote goes to…

3 :stars: Chocin (That beam. It hits three, but it feels as if it´s hitting all five heroes, I´m positive!)

4 :stars: Hu Tao (The way it just hits you over and over, and then bursts away afterwards!)

5 :stars: Ursena (That crazy thunder just flashes everywhere on the screen forever!)

Those were mine. Not rational, not based on attack dealt or nasty debuffs or anything at all - only visuals and how it makes me feel, when they fire!

Want to play and participate too? Your turn. :grinning:


Special skill of Proteus just blocks the whole screen for a bit, so it’s always cool to watch. (Then again, I may be biased as Proteus was the second 4* I got, and has been really key for me in my time in the game!)


Not visual the sound of alfike going off is cool but reviving it aint … Also healer dr chick from circus has good sound … (Makes me laugh)
Think they cut back on animation on special skills as some do take up screen time …

3* kasvir n gillra.
4* wilbur … Now ferrent
5* milena on second charge … Or rumple with the insane hit charge .


I’m a little biased right now (because all 3 are on my leveler team, so I see their specials when auto-playing quests), but

Skadi’s ice slash
Guardian Jackal’s Laser Beam of Doom combined with the normal “enemy goes white and vanishes in a puff of smoke” as well.
Vanda’s Bat Moon


atomos green laser feels like it kills all my heroes one by one instantly


Oooh, right, totally forgot about those! I was up against Heimdahl this morning - gosh, that horn is also blasting all over the entire board, he must make it difficult vs. Titans, hah :sweat_smile:

Zocc and Garjammal. They wind up their attacks and you don’t know who they’re gonna target

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And now I wish that somebody made a video with all special skill effects that are in the game. I’d like to watch it!
I haven’t seen all the effects of special skills, but I feel anxious when I see:
Jott - ice wave
Guardian Kong - fire rings
Heimdall - I feel that a whole army will appear when he blows his horn (LoTR vibes!)
Quintin - his cold stare is enough…

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Hah, I always close my eyes when Heimdall goes off! :see_no_evil: :joy: That flash! :green_circle:

The ones that takes too long to finish.

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:point_up_2: visually speaking

The actual effect was a bit more like: