The Violent Pacifists seek members

After watching the previous clan I was in fall to ruin by inactive players, I have created my own clan and brought over some members. We are looking for members to help out, no trophy requirements, no experience needed. We have several seasoned players and willing to aid new players with getting started. Players will be required to at least have a defense team for Alliance Wars and must participate in ALL Titan battles. Players will be kicked after being inactive for 2 weeks, unless they message me or the Co leader and let us know they will be away for an extended period. I can promise you the clan will be consistantly maintained by myself and my co-leader, so if you’re tired of an inactive clan, or looking for a clan to grow with, join us.

90 days of inactivity before being kicked? No wonder your alliance is decaying. Thats way,way too long. If you want an active alliance you must have a 1 week max inactivity period or 5 tittans, 2 wars, something like that. 3 months is truly silly. I’ll play 4 times year, miss 15-20 titans and still stay in an alliance. There’s your problem

I’m willing to cut the inactivity time down, 90 days was just a starting point. The last clan decayed beacuse the leader and coleader no longer played, and I as an elder I couldnt kick the remaining elders all of whom where inactive for hundreds of days.