The "very slow" hero has become obsolete

For quite some time I have not played any of my “very slow” heroes.

The competitive dynamic of the game has shifted towards using faster heroes. As a result, the “very slow” hero has effectively become unplayable.

Just think about it for a second - in order to fill a “very slow” hero’s mana, jou have to match a minimum of five sets of three shields/tiles (if not shooting into the void). That’s even the case when you are using a level 17 epic troop with mana bonus. By that time, there’s a good chance that your slow hero is either dead, or the battle is almost finished in either case :sweat_smile:

Today’s announcement of Guardian Owl’s buff made me realise this all over again. Yes, I own Guardian Owl. I am happy about the buff, but then I realised that he’s still unplayable. His power can be increased to 300% - it does not matter - he’s simply too slow to be relevant or playable. But this does not only apply to the Owl - it’s just an example. I don’t think any “very-slow” hero has a place in the game anymore.

:point_right: I’d like to propose that Small Giant completely does away with the “very slow” mana category.

To do that I’d like to propose that all “very slow” heroes be upgraded to “slow” and have their stats adjusted (nerfed) appropriately. At least then they will be playable!

What are your thoughts on the “very slow” hero? Are they at all still relevant in the game?


I thought they never had place. :confused:

I’m hoping they become worth using, though. I hear Alfrike’s not bad. I actually love the concept of Guardian Owl, but I think his mana speed should be seriously boosted after it goes off the first time. THAT would make him a doomsday cannon.

I like the concept of having a few Very Slow heroes in the game, but they need a buff.

That being said, I’ve never had a Very Slow hero. I think Slow might be slow enough

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I think that’s exactly what I was actually implying :wink:


I like the concept of very slow héroes but they need one of the Next ones:

  • Have great, great stats to compensate (make the tilew and survability great).
  • Have pasive habilies (yet to explore in the Game but something like Baldur when is over his normal health).
  • Need an extreme Special wich could win almost entirely the Battle (like alfrike).

It matters not. If you have one, you won’t be using them anyway.

Think about it - how many Guardian Owls have you met in-game? I’m sure more than three people have the Own sitting on the bench somewhere.

These points are all relevant, but I was trying to make the point that, even if your very slow hero has a game-winning ability, it matters not if the chances of the hero using that ability is minute (and thus the risk is too great) - hence they are simply not being played.

I would agree but I think Alfrike is a great hero, perfectly balanced with her very slow mana.

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Yeah but that’s the fun about that design. High risk-High rewards heroes. Just imagine a Very slow Hero that kill 2 random enemies with his/her power. You could make teams around that. Some healers, resurrect Minions and/or taunt and you have and awesome team.

Im defense is more complicated but I found a maxed tank alfrike once. I managed to kill her just before she fired but 1 turn more and I would have been in serious trouble.

I think the only things those heroes need is a proper design and they could change the Game totally. Some examples:

  • A 900/900/1800 (or something like that) Juggernaut with a very slow hability like azlars one for example.
  • A very slow with resurrect all at 50%.
  • Very slow with very powerfull Special that earns moderate mana each time an Ally dies.


Whilst not a massive part of the game these slowEr heroes become absolute beast in rush tournaments.

So not 100% obsolete but I know a lot of people don’t see the tournaments as all that important.


it’s funny but even average heroes, without the mana troops, feel too slow in diamond raids. I find though that using Bryn next to slow heroes (I dont have a very slow hero) has helped a bit. Obviously that’s both an awesome synergy and a handicap when considering gravemaker doesnt need anything of the sort :smiley:

I think the solution is to introduce more types of war and tournaments that favor slower heroes. Changing the heroes themselves becomes nearly impossible to do well at scale and introducing new very slow heroes isnt exactly ideal either lol. Having more gameplay modes where being slow is a good thing (whatever that is) would help add value to the slow heroes. We already see it in rush tournaments where maxed out horghalls and even quintoses are commonplace.

My thoughts are going completely in other direction: I would like all heros to be 1 level slower. I like puzzle part of the game. I’m currently 2300-2500 cups, so I still can raid with my 4s and win most of the time with the board manipulation (and synergy of the team) - against much stronger teams on paper packed with 5s. However, going further, it will be less and less time for that. So, it’s becoming a race for the most powerful and fastest heros. Charge as fast as you can and fire! I don’t know… Not sure if I’ll enjoy that very much. I’m finishing couple of legendary heros myself and soon I’ll be there for sure. Let’s see…


I don’t think they are obsolete. They are just niche and need a proper team around them. Their Specials can end games if combined with slow and haste effects.

Imagine something like Alfrike, Tellu, Brynhild, Freya, Kingston on offense against non-Graveteams.

I think this is the wrong approach because now you are make more niche heros and who has the box space to hold certain hero on for certain events. The game needs more balance to make it more competitive. Very slow has no place in this game when you have characters like Gravemaker that are very fast

I have a relevant suggestion:

Add to each very slow hero another ability which is always active or that automatically triggers every turn.
This way each such very slow hero keeps being meaningful throughout the battle and becomes major if it survives till its main ability triggers.

The details of course need to be balanced so that combined kit is not too strong.

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Nice team but what are the chances a F2P or C2P gets this team, all Special Event Heroes & HOTM’S. This is a team that someone with deep pockets will have only the top 100 maybe

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@Vinny00193 that’s my point though, you’re saying they have no place in the game and so I’m saying we should give them a place in the game. Rebalancing every 5* hero in the game to adjust for mana speed changes is simply too difficult to do well but adding in more pvp modes shouldnt be unreasonable.

@CarryAll sort of like some of the season 3 heroes, like how sumle burns everybody when her hp is low? I could see that helping a lot for new heroes being added.


Not exactly what I had in mind but indeed a good variation.

What I had in mind is something like heal a bit each turn, deal some damage each turn, have some counterattack active all the time, etc.

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