The Valedictory of Jonah the Bard


In the words of my wise ex-roommate:

Rock on to the fullest!

I was in your boat back when I used to play World of Warcraft nearly every waking hour… I came back to it numerous times… and finally, after I truly internalized just how “important” (hint: it isn’t important at all) WoW really was… well, then I could truly play casually, enjoy it for what it is… and still focus more on my biking, running, and friends. Balance was had and truly enjoyed.

…but it was a difficult trek to get there. I wish you well in your journey. What you are doing is wise.

Rock on to the fullest!


Wow, I’ll miss you on the forum! You’ve certainly made a big impact on the community, and I’m glad us virtual connections got some attention along the way — but of course the real-world connections and family should come first.

Thanks for everything you’ve contributed, and the knowledge and fun you’ve shared.

I’m sure I’ll still be finding and liking hidden gem posts of yours for a long time to come.

Enjoy, and be happy and well! :books::child::guitar:


Thank you @JonahTheBard for all advice , post and wisdom that you kindly share to us! Good luck !


Whahahaaaa remember this in Jonah early post, miss u already!



I’d only been on the forum for a bit, and reading your posts was one of the main reasons I stuck around.

But real life > game life, and I genuinely applaud your ability to make a change. Best of luck to thee, Sir, and as my Father always says, “If I never see you again… it’s been real.”


Words cannot describe how much I’m going to miss you my friend
I’m missing you dreadfully already and it’s been less than 24 hours :frowning:

From the day you chose to join Guardians of Terra and were the catalyst for our migration to Guardians Reborn, you’ve been my right hand man, soundboard and loyal lieutenant.
Egging me on to bigger and greater things.

I of course wish you all the best and applaud your decision to put yourself and your family 1st

If you’ve truly gone, you could have quit the alliance though!! I’m not sure I can bring myself to kick you, at least not yet :frowning:

It is a sad day to be a Guardian :cry:



All the feels.


Update : if anyone thinks Jonah has not read their tributes, be assured that he has

I know this as he popped back in very briefly to leave us a final message and quit the alliance

So that’s a task I now don’t have to do thankfully :slight_smile:


Dear sir Bard.

I can only hope you find the piece you are looking for and can regain some quality time with family and friends.
I wish you all the best and thank you for your pleasant presance here on the boards.

Jonah thank you for all you have done for all the players around here. It was always fun to read you.


you are a good man Jonah and will be missed.


Good luck and Godspeed. We’ll miss you.


Another friend to lose
Just :sob:


All the best Joel, thank you for your hard work and your funny comments. Well done on your decision.

If you revisit a couple of years later (when, if it’s still around, E&P will likely have 6* heroes and the end of the FTP world will have arrived by then as @Rigs has foretold) you will surely be faced with a bombardment of messages from the community who have enjoyed your presence on this forum.


I can feel nothing but pride and joy for you :slight_smile:

All the best to you. And if one day your children are off at university and you need some time to kill, maybe we will all meet up in E&P17, played on the iHolo holographic ocular implant ;p

Enjoy the time with the family. Take care


E&P University?

Module 1: Foundations of Farming 8-7

Today’s class covers the Theory of Efficient Farming which was pioneered by Mai wh…

Good education for his kids


Best of luck to you @JonahTheBard. You’re already on the path to happiness if you’ve chosen your family over social media. It’s a monster and sometimes the only way is to walk away. Thank you for all your hard work.


Your post shows integrity , wisdom , and great insight to your own soul. I don’t have anywhere near the home responsibilities you have but I also have cut back and stopped spending. Haven’t known you as long but I will miss you! Great luck in all You do Sir Jonah


So long @JonahTheBard my friend.
Wish you a very good luck, also for your family.

I’m sorry for my bad attitude on this forum.
I’m sorry for all of my bad words which hurting your feelings.

You are a wonderful person.
I will remember you as my friend.

For all you have done to me and the community… I thank you very much.

God bless you Joel.


I understand. I deleted all of mine just this past weekend with the exception of this game. Csnt believe how much time I had on my hands


We will miss you @JonahTheBard :sob::sob: