The uselessness of duplicate heroes

I love single color teams, I’m just too OCD to have duplicates. I have a few Caedmon and Grimm right now. It is very hard not to feed them.

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I also feel like duplicates give me a strange feeling sometimes. (Even though I still keep some)

Firstly sometimes i feel they’re a little disconcerting to win sometimes. Like thoughts like “well another boldtusk is definitely welcome, but dang I won a 4 star fire with a coin—why couldnt it of been one of the ones I dont have like Scarlett or Kelile.

Also if you let yourself slip into thinking of your hero roster as a literal one for a few seconds it also means you have clone people running around, which makes them awkward to look at lol.

Anyways yeah I still keep some duplicates. First time I did this was in my earliest weeks of playing so I got accustomed to the idea early. After I fully leveled Layla’s stats and special skill I immediately started leveling up a second one. I just needed another dark hero to use for wars back in my weaker/newbie alliance and I couldnt win a ■■■■ 3 star dark hero for some reason but kept winning 1 & 2 star darks like crazy. Layla was definitely the best 2 star hero imo so I ditched the idea of leveling Julius for a second one of her, she was maxed out quickly.

I pretty much never even use Layla anymore (accept if im throwing in extra weak heroes into a war attack team that just needs to clean up an opponents team that has only like 2 half health heroes left standing. Thats an easy job for just two decent heroes and the 3 weak/crap ones) but I still never fed either one away for some reason, Idk why.

It takes time, I feel your pain but patience haha.

I’ll try but I won’t duplicate and 3* heroes all the time. SG give me Joon and Sartana!

If you are cheap and/free to play there comes a time when you just run out of new 4 and 5* heroes to level. So what is one to do as the ascension items pile up? Surely when you have 40 orbs and no new yellows the best advice isn’t to wait, is it?

So I level people…not just anyone, but the people generally recommended here. Healers and fast mana are the priority. For every 1 5* ascension item I keep two 4* in reserve (or there abouts) just in case a TC 20 pops a 5*. Other than that, I spend em. I’m up to 3 4/70 rigards for that reason, he’s just so valuable when a majority of healers shatter easy (mel, sabina) and the defense teams seem to focus on debuffers like Grimm more often than not.

PS - I never thought I’d level more than one chao, but, here we are.

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You should keep all heroes over 3 star. You should be aiming for 18 heroes of every colour at least but just for the basics you want 30 heroes for the wars. 6 of every colour. It doesn’t matter if they are duplicate or not. If the hero is good then who cares if you have 2, 3 or even 4 of every hero.
You will see that it is hard not to have enough heroes without having duplicates.

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I currently have over 60 heroes, and except some 5* no duplicates at all. My war bench is quite good and I am mostly in the Top3 of our alliance.
For me its just pointless to keep the duplicates. I wouldn’t level them, and there are so many good and useful heros, that you can easily get good results with only one hero each.

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