The uselessness of duplicate heroes

Maybe it is not bad to have two Panther…,
but for what in the world do I need 6 skittleskulls, 4 Gimm, 2 Chao or 3 Colen? For a couple of minutes I used the next pack of epic hero tokens. Three of them. Renfeld, Chao, Grimm. I don’t need duplicate heroes. Please SGG, give me nothing instead of wasting my hero capacity. I just feed heroes with 1-2* heroes, no need for 3-5* duplicate heroes.

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Except of 5*, I don’t keep my duplicates either…I wouldn’t level them up anyway, so they it’s useless to keep them.
It’s definitely annoying to get duplicates of already leveled heroes, but there is no way around and I think it’s still better to get some good feeder heroes, especially when you just started leveling a new hero, than getting nothing, isn’t it? :smile:

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I’m just angry. I need a lot of heroes (Wu Kong, Kiril, Buldtusk, Caedmon, Melendor…) and I just get always the same. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Not even keeping duplicate Kirils, Boldtusks, Rigards, Merlins, Hansles, Grims, Falcons, Proteus or Wilburs?

Maaaan you craycray!

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None of them! :sweat_smile: I know it’s not the smartest way, but I just don’t like duplicates…

Yolo feeder 4 life bro! Power to you and your conviction!


I only keep the best rated 4* to 5* heroes duplicate to create 6 set of rainbow colors for the War which is need it. Also, keep in mind it’s great to keep a set of two same colors in each star categories for an event based on reflective color against your character choice. The diversity, might let you win a battle!


I hate duplicates as well. I currently have 3 Grimms for my 4 star blue team. I constantly look at that and want to feed them. I have showed restraint so far. 1
Week. We’ll see what happens

: Grim is quite a usefull hero in Titan,War,and events …
Example , next event will be pirates ,probably the main color stack for intermediate will be blue where 3xgrim + sonya will be GG

I wish troop trading was a thing i would gladly take a grimm off your hands!!!

That would be nice. I have heros I barely use. Some are 5’s at 3/70. Would love
To trade those away

My take on this is that I keep duplicates of the good/great 4* all else become food for the bench.
And where 5* are concerned well I have adopted the theory that I will keep no more than 3 of anyone of them to allow colour stacking for titans and AW

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— This is from another post of mine ----

Here is my list of which 4* heroes that are worthy of duplicates

I would like to keep 2 of every healer, nerfer and debuffer.

Red Blue Green Purple Yellow
Dupes Boldtusk Kiril Melendor Rigard Wu Kong
Gormek Sonya Caedmon Sabina Li Xiu
Scarlett Grimm Tiburtus Chao
Singles Colen Boril Skittleskull Cyprian Hu Tao
Kelile Kasshrek
Little John

I am on the fence about Chao.
I put him in the dupe category because he is a fast single hitter that reduces mana but I rarely use him.

What do you think?

P.S. I currently have (3) 3* heroes of each color for the challenge events


I would add Jackal, Falcon, Hansel, Gretel, Gafar, Merlin to that list


Chao is definitely useful to have duplicates of. He’s a fast mana-cutter that can be very useful in wars and to keep titan skills at bay. The only thing is that his damage output is really low, so he does require help to bring that up.

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This list was just for the regular 4* heroes (from TC20)

But I do agree those heroes are worthy of dupes.
In fact all all 4* event heroes are worthy of duplicates except for Boomer.

FYI - I just noticed there are no blue 4* event heroes - interesting
I wonder if they are SG is planning a fall & winter event to go with Easter and Summer.
Halloween & Christmas event would be cool.


I would “downgrade” Li Xiu from Dupes to Singles.

I like wars

I like color stacking

So 4* and 5* duplicates are welcome in my roster :slight_smile:

I even have a duplicate 3* (Bane) I may eventually level up if i ever have no other holy heroes to level. I hear more than one Bane is great for certain event teams

Hmm … for the wars, you will need 30 maxed heroes. More, if you want to have a choice.

I would not feed everything away.
The dias to increase hero storage are well spent.