The use of the word spaz or spastic

I’m really dnt like the use of the word spaz or spastic and too use in a game for a gammer name or alliance name is sick, given what them words relate too and how much trobel the words caused in the past

All the issues in the game and this is the one you chose to complain about?..muted…


There is another thread in the forum about names in the game. Is this ok to merge @Guvnor

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Spaz was one of the characters in the movie “Meatballs”, a classic in my opinion.

This is not nearly as offensive as using “Covid” or “Coronavirus”.


Think about it, the word what it’s related too iv complained directly about this use of word, and its only one of 5 alliances still being used or not, using the word, it has no place

And think about wht the word came frm who the term took the p##s out of for being different

If it’s self-referencing why is it so offensive? If I call myself a moron is that offensive to you?

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Someone who is spastic is born with a disability which makes it difficult for them to control their muscles, especially in their arms and legs. People now refer to someone with this disability as having cerebral palsy. [offensive] A spastic is someone who is spastic.

So yes the word is offensive, I dnt care if its someone calling themselves or someone else, and changing an s for an z dnt change the word

Spastic refers to any involuntary muscle control, such as a charlie horse (which i get all the time when I become dehydrated). Limiting the definition to a specific disability is not the original meaning of the word. There is far too much PC in the world limiting our speech already.

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Closing this topic as it isn’t really going anywhere helpful.

This is ultimately a decision for SGG staff to make, not the forum

If one feels that the name of another PLAYER or ALLIANCE is offensive the ONLY thing of value that one can do is to create a Support Ticket with SGG & attach screenshots of the Player Name &/or Alliance Name.


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