The Untouchablez Are Recruting

Untouchablez recruting new and veteran players looking to have fun with a mature group of individuals. Fully active yet understand life cant be avoided and things happen out of our control. only requirements are to give your all when you can and respect your alliancemates as we push WE here strongly over ME.20190329_053757

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Hey, you still looking? Our leader is inactive and we have about 6 or 7 members looking for a new home as things have gotten a bit quiet. Long term players all above 1900 cups (quite a few over 2200) with 6 full teams for wars.

Definitely have room for all of you guys. Would almost fill us up. We are all fully active and would be honored to have you join beside us

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Only 3 spots left, come join a fun and active alliance!

Only two open spots for players looking to have fun and grow

2 spots open for fully active alliance, currently at 10 and 11* titans looking for a few more to continue the climb to the top

Only 1 spot left! Looking to top off a fun and active alliance!

Bumpity doo dah, bumpity day

I have two players looking for a new alliance. Here is what we have to offer :grimacing:

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We are two very friendly players that will be loyal to the alliance and bring positive vibes. Our only deal breaker! Any members who are into trolling, jealousy, or talking #$&t to people they know nothing about. Have any members like that in your alliance??? :thinking:

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We are group that most have been together over a year. We treat all of our members like family so none of that is allowed ever but we currently only have one spot open. I will definitely send you a message if another opens

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Nice defense team! Will definitely let you know when we have two spots so you can be together!

Bump, bump, bumparooo

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