The Unrecruiters

I’ve just created a new alliance intended for f2p/c2p gamers who have defense teams at or near the 4000-TP mark. This alliance has two overarching tenets:

  1. Spend your flags – full participation if opted into war; no zeroes on titans. Real life happens, and will always be taken into consideration, but consistent, acceptable gameplay will be required for membership.

  2. Recruitment Ad Policy – This is the “gag” that got this idea truly made into reality. I, personally, take a hardline, zero tolerance approach to any recruit ad posted outside of the Alliance Recruitment chatrooms in-game. I smash the report button and carry on with my day. The chatrooms are an excellent feature of our global community, and conversation will build a great alliance long before ‘bad commercials’.

I am often in the English 20+ chatroom, and would love to converse with anyone. I hope to bring in a good number of players who enjoy the game and want consistent, high-participation gameplay from their fellow alliance members.

Good gaming, all!

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