The Unpopular Opinions Thread

There are post game credits???:popcorn:


Kiril, Frida, Grimm +12, Richard +7, Triton.

All maxed. :grin:


I can muster kiril Grimm boril Thorne Sonya, which is fairly similar but missing some of your abilities

Rumors say @Petri real name is hidden in these credits. Can’t wait to stalk him on FB


It is all because of Frida, the ugly but gorgeous polar bear! :sunglasses:

Unpopular opinion: healer tanks are not good. You could possibly make a case for Kunchen being the exception, but all the rest make for an easy win, barring an atrocious board.


Hey wait a minute, where’d my unpopular opinion go?!?

Edit: Fine, I’ll just link to the earlier one:

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Danzaburo is fun! And in my opinion, his special doesn’t freeze him 50% of the time! I can’t wait to max him!

NOTE: This unpopular opinion may change drastically if I ever get a 5* yellow… :wink:


Came here to post this as well - I’ve never gotten the hype with this little dude.

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Got Inaris tails and still use Danzas n!pples.

Azlar is one of the best firefighters. Freeze the cleanser and Azlar makes short work of it.

Kadilen is tankier than you think.

Slow mana heroes aren’t as worthless as prophecied, but more on offense.

Flanks are more important than the tank.

Agwe, Boomer and Gobbler are cool heroes.

Gravemaker isn’t the deadliest threat and Guin only the 2nd best tank behind Kunchen.

You don’t need every HotM to stay competitive.

One of us is more stupid than me.


Hey, I am an older player and I still get low loot. Where’s my share?

LOL that IS an unpopular opinion :rofl:

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Continuing my trend: Kunchen is a low-mid tier tank and very easy to disassemble - I hunt for him specifically when filling the raid chest.

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Unpopular opinion: Despite Guin having better options for a class, I am perfectly happy with Guin being a wizard. I double stack holy heroes and I want as much bang for my stacked hero tiles as possible, and when Guin activated jinx, she becomes a pretty formidable tile attacker. I feel like Jinx just rounds out Guins one and only weakness but making her truly one of the most versatile heroes in the game.

Its like when people complain that even though Kashrek/Rigards are useful on a team, their tile attack is painfully awful its barely even useful to connect their tiles if you have other options… but now Guin doesn’t have that problem when Jinx is activated.

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I believe wu Kong’s miss rate on special moves is higher than stated. I also think tiles rates aren’t 100% random in color stacking titans.

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Reading this forum I think you fill find that a far from ‘Unpopular’ Opinion

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People who complain that stacking rigs the board don’t understand confirmation bias and probabilities (all colors always have an equal probability of showing up regardless of your lineup. I tested it. Drop the conspiracy theories).


All those duplicate posts complaining about the same thing (rigged boards, unfair AW matchmaking, ridiculous summoning odds, rigged raids, etc) are good for the forum as they help bring us all together and build a sense of community.


I’m such a slow learner, and made so many mistakes in my almost two years of playing that now at level 63 with a good bench of decent (but mainly vanilla) heroes, I feel like I’m just starting to finally play the game.

At the point most players are burning out and getting bored, I’m just getting started :joy::rofl:


I got my first five star from TC20: Kadilen. I consider this a good get and am excited to level her, which I will be starting tomorrow.


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