The Unpopular Opinions Thread

I enjoy a good debate. As I am something of a contrarian, I’m naturally inclined to disagree with the shared opinions of the majority.

Oh, you took a poll and collectively decided that “X” is the best hero in the game, “Y” gets second place, and “Z” is third? Excuse me while I explain why you are all completely wrong, why “Y” is actually the best, and why “X” isn’t even worthy of licking the dirt of off “Y’s” boots.

I’m a champion of the underdog. A defender of the overshadowed. I work to shine the light on those who truly deserve it.

It’s just what I do.**

I know I’m not alone here, so let’s all choose the hill we want to die on and prepare to verbally rip each others’ faces off for daring to disagree share our unpopular opinions and engage in some civil discourse!



I’m not truly that insufferable, but I’ll gladly play the role of the villain to spice things up. :wink:


I’ll kick it off with a fairly harmless one.

Unpopular opinion: Gill-Ra has awesome artwork.

I always see people talking about how ugly she is, how she gives them nightmares, etc… Her art is incredible! She’s one of my favorites for that reason. Sure, she’s not the type you bring home to meet the folks, but she’s the type you want to have as an ally. She looks mean… primitive… vicious. Gill-Ra is the one your enemies run from before finding out what she’s capable of, because it’s obvious that whatever she does is going to be brutal.


Gill-ra looks like a merperson that was drunk 1 night partying up by the surface and got hit square in the face by the USS Ronald Reagan.


That would explain the lack of a shirt, I’ll give you that.

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She looks like a mutated monster mermaid from a B-movie.


That’s all the more endearing to me! Grindhouse, B-movies, slashers… Right up my alley.


Only topless female hero in a sea of bare chested males. She brings some balance to the odious and overt malesploitation in the game.


Not to mention she’s one of the very few female heroes who don’t fit the “gamer’s fantasy girl” stereotype.


Depends on the gamer. I know some rough dudes from the Russian mafia who have odd ideas about beauty…


Watch “The Shape of Water”. You will get an idea.


I am still NOT sure that is a she

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That’d be a lotta cleavage for a thin, flat-bellied boy.


lol yes it would…

Guys like this are all you need for happiness and success and HOTM are superfluous baubles designed to cause you stress and poverty:


I don’t mind the drop rates of ascension materials, on reverse, i quite make it even more rare.

Let the darkness come.



Adding a small amount of underwear to Zeline is a tiny step in the right direction in a world that over emphasizes the importance of physical attractiveness and bare flesh to young women. My daughter should be able to consume media and games without the nagging doubt that she’s fat and ugly at the age of EIGHT!

Fantasy women can be powerful, sexy and fully clothed! Hurrah!

My daughter doesn’t play E&P, I’m aware it has an age restriction. It’s just an example of the normalisation of sexualized imagery.


All the threads about rigged boards bore me to tears. Yes, sometimes boards suck. Yes, sometimes there are streaks of bad luck. Happens to everyone, you’re an adult, deal with it.

Also, I really like Elk and Kelile! Oh, and Domitia and Obakan.


As a programmer in a previous life, I also read these and go, “Do you know how much harder it would be to program the boards to be rigged instead of just random?” And they put in this extra effort specifically to annoy you? To what end? To drive off a player that might otherwise enjoy the game? What benefit would there be to that to justify that extra effort?


Exactly! And, as I saw the unbelievably patient @Garanwyn point out at one time, a board rigged against the attacker would mean great news for all defenders! People should just simply stop their offensive raiding and sail towards high diamond with cups earned by def team! According to the loot threads, the raid chests aren’t worth the hassle anyways ;).


Unpopular opinion - Gravemaker isn’t as good as people say.

Maybe it’s my abundance of cleansers, or blue being a relatively strong color in my roster, but Gravemaker has never bothered me. I quite like fighting GM-tank teams, it’s generally a win for me, even if he goes off a couple times.


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