THE UNITED SLAVIC TRIBE is now recruiting!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
We are a newly formed alliance and are now recruiting for players to join us and to create a core membership.
We use LINE chat for wars, def setup, tactics and all other E&P topics.
Offcourse, as the name said Slavic, you dont have to be Slavic to enter.We are very cheerfull ppl and will like to attract players from all over the world.We have all 3+ years of experience in the game and are very active and experienced players.
Current requirements are:

  • 4500 - 4600 TP def
  • 20 - 25 maxed 5*
  • 20 - 23 lvl rainbow troops
  • LINE app for chat

We are curently 3 members but are very good on troops and roster, killing 6* titan easily.We would like to go higher and to take top spots but need more members.
If you are thinkig of fresh start or like to take a break from top alliances ( untill we are full ) this is a perfect place for you.
So pls contact me trough LINE ( ID generaljebac ) and we can start to play and enjoy this game together.
Also check me up on my you tube channel if you like to see how my gameplay is : General Jebac - YouTube

Love from GeneralJebac :wink:

We are still recruiting

Still recruiting.
War is not optional, hiting 6* titans.
Come take a summer break with us :slight_smile:


13 strong members now.And more to come.
Come check us out and contact me on LINE generaljebac

Now on 21, need 9 more.
Killing 12* titans, winning wars easily :slight_smile:

Now killing 13* titans.
Come check us out and contact me
LINE ID generaljebac or crosk88

Have 1 spot after war.
Killing 14* titans every day.
Strong team, strong leadership, chatty ppl.
Come check us out.
Contact me on LINE ID generaljebac or crosk88

We are still looking for strong members.
LINE ID generaljebac or crosk88

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