The Unholy Grail Recruiting 1 spot

The Unholy Grail is looking for 1 fun and strong member. 3800ish tp and 4+ AW teams ready to crush once SG gives us our AW’s back! (negotiable if you’re close!)

Our AW strategies are very international friendly. We’re approximately 60% US and 40% from other parts of this blue planet.

No need to set alarms or forget about your personal life. We just ask that you participate 100% unless you have give us a heads up about real world stuff. We totally understand. Communication is all we ask.

Line Ender208 for any questions or just ask here!

War is on and we want to be back up to 30 members ASAP! Line Ender208

Come one, come all! Actually, just 1. But we definitely want that 1!

Great alliance, fun and friendly (and we have a alliance cat) 2 spots open come get in the fun. Line ender for more details!

Bump bump. Line: ender208 to start your TUG life!

Bump. Message me on line at ender208
Looking for 1 member with 4000tp (negotiable) and 4+ war teams with maxed heroes. We have alot of fun and are understanding of real life stuff.

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