The Unholy Grail is Looking for a Couple of Hard Pipe Hitting - Room for 8!

Players! What did you think I was going to say? Tsk tsk.

We’re currently a top 400 alliance but are a top 150 group when full. We’ve recently had to clear away some brush to grow, but that just means more opportunities for you! We’re an international alliance with a flair for the dramatic and a lovable leader. If you fit any of the qualifications below, send me a message on Line (DizDonut).

The right TUGer will have a majority of the following:

  1. The ability to quote irrelevant stats, movie lines, and / or historically accurate-ish politically motivated rants
  2. A strong opinion about which lube is the best lube
  3. A defensive team that is 4200+ in team power
  4. A hero pool that is deep enough to field 4-5 war teams

Hugs and Kisses


We’re down to 1 spot available, hurry hurry while this limited time offering is available!



Real life can suck sometimes. But because of real life, The Unholy Grail now has plenty of room for you and your closest 7 friends! We understand how life can take time away from you. As long as you communicate with us then we are very good to accommodate when things pop up!

Most our current members have 4K+ defense teams and full 6 AW teams but we are looking for people to fill the spots and grow with the alliance!

Boring requirements:

3700 defense team
4+ AW teams (and also clean up teams that aren’t ‘unleveled’)
The ability to be around irreverent and moderately twisted individuals!
We don’t require chattiness but do welcome it!
Full AW participation
Use as many titan flags as your day will allow (let us know if you are extra busy and might miss 1 every now and then)

We are currently hitting 8-10* titans!

Line: cookym09 for details or if you meet these requirements then just pop on in!

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