The Underwild family


I @willem that’s amazing and very fast work!

If you ever had time, could you do Mack from S3 just with Colen and Boril?

They look just like the characters that my brothers and I are playing in Dungeons and Dragons and having them on a single image would be amazing!

Thanks, Jonah.
Does this look like something you asked for?

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The fantastic, thanks :blush:

I think a good one would be Boril, Sif, Mack, Cyprian. A rampaging range of riposte rowdies :grin:


Kinda curious if the next surge of heroes will be a different family or will be all Underwild. I already expect them to do another drip overpopulation of 5* heroes, but I’m curious if there’s going to be at least 2 or 3 other families within the Season.