The TWISTED Hurricanes! Recruiting!



The TWISTED Hurricanes is open for new recruits!

We are a friendly welcoming group, we like cracking jokes while taking down titans and winning wars! New or veteran, we are looking for players who want a permanent home!

Are you ready to join?

  • 600 trophies
  • Must hit titans actively! (currently 7* titans)
  • Must hit in war (or uncheck if you choose to not participate)

Missing one titan once in a while is okay, but not encouraged. Missing 2 in a row with no good reason can get you kicked out.

There is no requirement for team size or hero bench for war. You can participate if you like; all we ask of you is to use your attacks! If you don’t want to participate, just uncheck the participation box.

No external social media required. We communicate in game chat only. If you know you’ll be gone due to IRL stuff, post on the game chat and let us know. Some of us hunt and camp, so we understand that having no access to internet nor cell data happens.

We look forward to seeing you in the game, and eager to start working together to take down titans and fight some wars!