The Truth - Totally not satire

There are so many things that define a hero. We’re always eager to pin the title of hero on mundane humans who work as police officers, firefighters or line cooks for the armed forces, but when we stand before actual greatness, we often shrug and say “yeah, he’s a hero, too, I guess.” All too often, we ascribe the traits of valor and heroism to those who save lives, help the injured, endure great hardship or put their lives on the line for the greater good. But, perhaps it is time now to recognize the truest form of hero.

Ignore the ridiculous concepts such as the sanctity of life, the value of kindness or even the protection of the innocent. These things only matter to those who are unawakened and do not know the truth. Ask yourselves the poignant questions and challenge your own ability to cope with the reality and truth: What is the most valuable collection of pixels and coding for your fingers to tap, manipulate and grow? Think on it, these things matter so much and are given some thought here and there-- perhaps debated at length by a small collection of would-be scholars and “game famous” acolytes of “The Truth,” but the word must be spread before it is too late.

Now, I hide behind a moniker PeachyKeen and deign it necessary to do so for I must blend in the sea of mundane pseudonyms and profiles. Should someone discover my real identity, and that I hold “The Truth” in my mind and heart? Why, it could endanger everything. Sure, my life could be at risk, but we’ve already established that life is unimportant when compared to the value of the real heroes. Yet, still, every cause needs one to spread the word of “The Truth.” So read my words and contemplate in your heart the meaning of heroism.

I have to hold sacred the secrets and share them with precious few trusted allies. These things must not be broadcast to the masses, for there are agents lurking, waiting for their chance to strike and squelch what few of us remain. Sure, I could tell you the best heroes and the most valued to the cause, but it would endanger me. Do not listen to the secular world that leans on you to participate. Close your ears to those who proclaim that helping humans in their time of need is the most important thing, ignore the cries of attention from your children, your significant other, your boss and employees… None of it is quite so important as this collection of pixels and coding, this masterwork that goes under the moniker “Empires and Puzzles.”

This is “The Good Fight” and you must build your armies accordingly. Choose your heroes wisely.

I can say no more.

I think they’ve found me.

If someone questions me, I will have to acquiesce and claim it to be satire.

Until the next time, my fellow devotees…


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