The Training Alliance: We Help New Players. All Levels Welcome


Hey did you know you could train your troops and not only your heroes? Joining this alliance will give you tons of useful information to make the game even more fun for you! We have nice friendly people that are willing to help you get strong.

TITAN flags cant regenerate if you dont use them. If you have full flags your wasting regen time. This goes for World Energy as well. Never let your flags fill.

The Training Alliance is trainer for
I Want My $!1.99 Back

I :two_hearts: my heroes now. Thanks to the great advice I got from this alliance members. If you are going to play the game why not do so in the right way? Join the alliance and get strong.

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We are rocking this game ! Information, questions and answers are flying around everywhere ! We would love to have you !

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Status Effects

:bookmark_tabs: Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments:

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We are Blasting the game ! We have a great team ! Come join us !

We are currently seeking active daily players! Come join us! All levels are welcome! We are friendly and love to help out! 100% drama free, and we participate in war and titans which helps you get your materials to finish your hero’s faster! You won’t regret us!

Looking to join an alliance where I can get my titans in for path of Valor and level up. Looking for titans less than 6*. Anyone have openings in their alliance?

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@beo re: I Want My $ .99 Back!/RNG Anonymous
Re: New Player Training Alliance for Active New Players. Brand New to E&P; I seek an Alliance geared toward training New Players, like myself, who quest for knowledge…to learn, gain experience and strength, to play competitively at every level~~as My unique Roster Levels & Ascends. I hope Your New Player Training Alliance is a good match for me.

We have a new name but with the same dedication to helping new players.

LINE: b_e_o


How have you been? Just a heads up, we’ve had a name change. I think it better depicts what we do here. We help the noobs but we don’t mind established players either. As long as they don’t mind helping the newer players.

The Training Alliance

I hope everything is well with you.


I love the utility of the new name! (Have been taking my prescribed cat naps. Washing masks. Eating Mike & Ikes :grin:)

Hope you are likewise well and avoiding stress and shtuff!

:sunglasses: Reese’s…mini

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