The top 15 general purpose three star heroes

Hi guys!
Keep them coming!

Also please make sure that you list the heroes you would emblem to 15 or over AND you are considering to limit break them!

This is why for example Balthazar is not on my list. I might emblem him to 18 but he won’t get any Aethers anytime soon. Bjorn will… Same goes for Frosty… I love him but will he get any Aethers? Probably not for a long time…

Over the weekend I will update the OP with the list of the heroes with the most votes/mentions. I hope by that time I will get a larger sample size…

EDIT: 20 emblems are probably unnecessary and overkill… changed this to a more appropriate number…

Now I have a problem :sweat_smile:. At the moment I don’t have a single 3* hero at 20 and overall only 4 in all rarities.
And I don’t plan lvling anyone at 20.
Maybe sometimes in the future, some with 4% mananode and costume for rush, but not sure if I will ever do that.

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Oops you are right! I will edit my post in a second… thanks!

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For me, I prefer CB Balthazar over Bjorn. In bloody battle and buff booster, I think Bjorn do better when it is +0 vs +20 but Balthazar do better in +20 vs +20. Bjorn is pretty unreliable and average. I need Balthazar+20 because C/C Tyrum is good for counter both buff and ailment but lack off firepower. If you want to get to top 1% without buy back, I think Balthazar is better.

In rush attack, C Renfeld and C Oberon are much better than Bjorn.

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I absolutely understand your point! However I had to pick only 15 heroes so Balthazar did not make it (again: FOR ME!).

I will collect all the votes tomorrow or Sunday…

It is possible that Balthy wins…

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Back from December, so before limit break and the new batch of S4 heroes, but take a look here:

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Purple: Bjorn, C.Tyrum, C.Balthazar

Yellow: Kvasir, Melia, C.Bane, Poppy

Green: Grevle, C. Brienne, Mneusses

Blue: Nordri, C. Gunnar, Gato, Chick Lil

Red: Sudri, C. Hawkmoon, Namahage (Vollermork yet to be tested)

I generally run mono 3s and mono green is my top team. I have a fair number of these heroes emblemed up and tried and tested across tournaments and events, except Vollermork. These are currently my top emblemed 3s.



Thanks for tagging.

The following are the rare heroes who, in my opinion, deserve not only emblems but whose limits are alright to be broken using aethers:


Original/Costumed Gunnar - Both versions are ideal for defense and offense, especially for the monthly challenge events (if it does not reflect ice). I only have one and plan to level another one (which will be emblemed in favor of defense and health on the original version) after stripping the first to reconfigure the talents in favor of the costumed version.

Nordri - He may be a poor elemental defense debuffer substitute (in case you don’t have Frida and/or King Arthur), but he is a viable alternative nonetheless. Like costumed Gunnar above, he will help improve scoring in the challenge events. I have 2 fully maxed and fully emblemed.

Original/Costumed Karil - this lone blue burn DOT dealer was greatly improved due to the costume. The original version have a better skill damage multiplier, but the costumed version has better attack stat. My least choice among the 3 blues.

Honorable Mention: Chick Jr. (for his massive AOE) and Frosty (for his healing and minions) or Helo (for his healing and cleanse).


Costumed Hawkmoon - The costumed version in Sorcerer class, if fully emblemed, charges her skills in 6 favorable tiles without even a mana troop supporting her during very fast wars and raid tourneys. I see no other viable options among the reds. Honorable mentions, for me, Vollermork (I know he is S4 but he is slow), Sudri (I know he is S3, but he is also slow), Bauchan (event hero) and Rudolph (event hero).


Grevle - Currently having the highest defense stat among the rare heroes, Grevle is valued not only for his overhealing but to his attack buff as well.

Original/Costumed Belith -

Original/Costumed Brienne - Who doesn’t want attack/defense buff?

Honorable mentions are Shrubbear (event hero), Hisan (event hero; I had at one point 5 of him maxed, now only 2) and Gramps (slow, similar to Alberich absent the heal over time).


Kvasir - A fast minion summoner ideal against enemy minion makers. I have 2 maxed and at +19 each.

Melia - Crit buffer, nuff said.

Poppy - Her possible additional hits up to 3 random enemies makes her the best sniper among the 3* yellows. I have 2 maxed and highly emblemed.

Honorable mentions: Costumed Gan Ju, Agnes, Costumed Kailani, Pixie and Arman. I don’t have the new yellow healer yet.


Bjorn - I like him. I have 2 of him maxed and highly emblemed.

Original/Costumed Tyrum - Dispel and cleanse are too rare among the rares.

Honorable mention: Gill-Ra, Original/Costumed Balthazar, Guardian Bat and Jack.


Sorry @Vonos1982 but you tagged the wrong person for this one. :crazy_face: I’m one of the extremely few holdouts here that still stubbornly refuse to put any emblems on 3*, let alone spend aethers on them. My justification for this is I can still reliably place top 5% (let’s say around 95% of the time) in 3* tourneys running +0 teams, and so there’s simply no motivation for me to spend any emblems on 3* when I have a long list of 4* I still want to emblem, nevermind 5*. Yes top 1% gives a 25% chance at an extra 50 emblems, but in reality it feels more like 10%. And in any case even with a full roster of +20 3* there’s still no guarantee you’ll place top 1%, so I simply can’t justify the 233 emblem investment on a 3* when those could be better spent on 4* or 5*.

With that out of the way, if this is just a general “pick 15 heroes” request then sure here’s my list:

cHawkmoon (costume only)
Honorable mentions: Bauchan, Skrekok, Sudri (avoid this guy like the plague for rush)

cBrienne (costume only)
cIsshtak (costume only)
Honorable mentions: Bercen (both forms), Shrubbear, Whacker

Valen (both forms, but I prefer base version)
Honorable mentions: Chick Jr, Frosty, Helo

Kvasir x3 (you need to level at least 3, seriously)
Poppy x3 (pls level 3 once again)
Bane (both forms; blind is never not useful)
Honorable mentions: Melia, Pixie, Candy, Agnes

cRenfeld (costume only)
Tyrum (both forms)
Honorable mentions: Balthazar, Edd, cOberon (this guy will poison you dead for rush)

Honestly, probably would’ve been easier to just list the 3* I would NOT level at all - Graymane and Prisca. Even with costume both are just so underwhelming, whereas for everybody else I can at least find some situational use for them (yes, even Dawa, but only her costume)., and have used them at least once at some point.

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My opinion is almost completely aligned with (@)sleepyhead with maybe 3 exceptions and they are roster differences (sorry I cant tag, maybe because I am a forum newbie?).

I cannot fathom why after spending the cash, you can’t pony up for some roster space? Seriously, just 15 x 3 stars? I have 70 (I need to do some cleaning), but because I play my 3 star tournaments without emblems, I like to be able to mix it up I’m doing it only for fun. Being able to cream +100 emblem defences gives me a warm inner glow. I don’t get above the top 10% but my defence always gets an A grade.

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Hmmmm, I have noticed not much loving for Valen here. Do people prefer Karil C over Valen. If so, I’m curious why. And Gill-Ra doesn’t seem to have much love either. He is awesome once he goes off. I also noticed a lot of love for C Renfeld. I have him leveled but never use him. Is he that good?
My 15 are (in a somewhat order:
C Hawkmoon
Namahage (I have 2 emblemed)

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No brackets round the @, otherwise you’re sorted.

Totally with you on keeping a good mixture of 3*. I haven’t emblemed any of mine either, not saying never though.

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I decided to actually make 5 mono 3* teams and build my best. What becomes painfully apparent is the strength of Blue relative to the other colours. This ultimately all starts with Blacksmith Gunnar and makes me passionately plea for some damage share heroes in other colours. I’d love to spend more time on them but ultimately Blue wins even in no-Red tournaments.

I know the below breaks the no event rules but it’s more to prove the point. Yellow has some great heroes too…just misses that key log. Was disappointed the yellow Costume didn’t copy Gunnar. Would love those heroes to feel loved again.

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thanks for the attempted tag @sft1965 :slight_smile: glad we’re aligned… and yeah also agree about buying some roster space. I’ve bought enough now that it costs 200 gems per 5 slots… spending 50, even 100 gems, even 150 was ok. 200, I’m starting to get reluctant to spend lol :wink: but 50 gems for 5 slots is acceptable.

Re Karil-C, I think overall he does more damage because of the splash hit. And Gunnar-C gives a bigger defense debuff.

I still chose Valen for my list because of his speed; but for Rush Attack and Challenge Events I prefer Gunnar-C and Ulmer-C.

I’m not allowed to tag people (and a host of other restrictions). I have fewer forum rights than a newbie. I can’t quote or edit either. A simple bookmark gets me an admin flag. Check out my profile and re read my post.

Thanks for that piece of wisdom but I have been here 2.5 years.

Have fun gaming. 3 star tourneys ftw. :vulcan_salute:

Oh of course, I forgot you were under sentence of thing. Sorry. (Can’t find a sympathetic emoticon, you’ll have to take it as read.)

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Nope you are the right person I wanted to tag! :crazy_face:

An argument is not an argument if everybody is on the same side…

I do understand you! You and a few manage to sneak into top5 or even top1 in three star tournament due to skill and vast roster of maxed heroes. And this is right! This is how this game should be!

Nice balance if you ask me!


(Just note: I started this thread before the 3 star bloody battle no green tournament ended…)

I only have 4 emblems on my 3 stars… I will count them but there are many… At least 30 emblemed to 4 and the regular maxed ones…

And althrough I did not rebuy and managed to only get knocked out on Friday (19-4) I still had no chance to reach top1%…

I did not score any BF0-s, no big misplays, etc… I would not accumulate enough points to get anywhere close to top1% because I started in the low-bracket…

I think even a 21-4 end result would leave me out of the top1…

And this is only after ONE LB quest has been added to the game…

And I am afraid that if a player starts low on the points and manages a tournament without rebuy will even get into top5 not to mention top1…

The gap widens…

You (or me) are able to take down +100 teams for sure but you (and me) will handicap ourself by NOT doing this from the first day!

I do not want to be a “Doomsayer” but if doing 19-4 without zeroes is not enough to get into top1 than what is??!!

And the “0-emblem-guy” like you or the “only 4 emblems guy” like me will be left out simple because there won’t be enough points to get…

In this conversation I try to find the top15 (or 20 or 25) heroes what actually worth the emblems and the Aethers…

P.s.: two of my alliance mates do not have ANY three star heroes AT ALL!

And I’m sure there are plenty players who fed their 39th Balthazar and 109th Valen…

'Cos before this Limit Breaker thingy you only lost 30 emblems every third week… Tough :poop:

But things do change…

Hi @GuanYu79 !
I think everybody likes Valen but he is so staple and so simple that not a lot of players think that he is a game-changer… decent sniper with def down… The thing is that both c.Gunnar and Ulmer+cb gives defense down… And Gato probably hits harder and protects from ailments.

I did test GillRa but she has little impact… If you stack well she is more of a win-more hero but I would still take Oberon instead for immediate damage…

Now the funny part:

C.Renfeld is not a sniper but a deadly submachinegun…

Takes some skill to use him effectively but he can be a game-changer… Timing and dumping tiles is key! He is one of the most skill-dependant 3 star hero for sure! But stealing mana from three opponents is a 5 star skill (I think Onatel has the same skill…).

Give him a try!

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Yes, I have noticed the same in 4-5 star tournaments, where I do not have much high emblemed heroes.
Even with 5-0 on the first day I might be only in top 10% or worse due to low points for my victories.
So I have max emblemed my used 3 stars (which is also useful for the 3 star challange events) and I giving additional emblems every week for 4 and 5 stars heroes…

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