The tiered alliances of Hell want you!


The tiered alliances of Hell want you! Want to get more out of your game? More friends, more fun, more help! The tiered alliances are Detour to Hell, Forever in Hell, and Fury of Hell. DETOUR - open to all, come and learn! FOREVER - 600 trophy minimum, come and grow! FURY - by invitation for advanced players growing out of Detour and Forever. All team members join DISCORD app, where we have resources and lots of folks to help you grow. Come and join us! Discord link :

Teaching Alliances

Our alliances started roughly 200 days ago, and are Forever expanding…
We do daily titan and war statistics for a fun little competition between each other in the alliances.
And we are currently holding a contest right now, with $10.00 going to the winner !
It is open for everyone ! and you can find details of it on our Discord Server

Hope to see you all there !


I have greatly enjoyed this alliance! We started out small and now have 3 teirs going! Everyone is super helpful! We are a true team. We win together and loose together! :revolving_hearts:


Awesome alliances, come join us


For anyone looking for an alliance, I would highly recommend the alliances of Hell! I have been with Hell since it’s “early days” and cannot even tell you how happy I am to have this alliance! My fellow alliance members are some of the most helpful people I have encountered in this game! I have learned much and improved my game because of them!

If you are looking to improve your game, Hell may be just the place to help you reach your goals! Whether it’s in Detour to Hell, Forever in Hell, or Fury of Hell, you can be sure that you will feel like Family!

In addition, Hell’s Discord channels are loaded with information, videos, and statistics to help you improve your teams of heroes and take your game to the next level…not to mention the fun atmosphere of support and comradery!

If you are looking for an alliance, i would recommend that you stop by the alliances of Hell and check them out. If you find that it’s not for you…no worries and no hard feelings…but, at the least, you may find that you’ve made some great new friends along the way!


When I was a beginner player I was in an alliance where only three people did Titans or wars. No one would answer questions or help at all. Then I joined up with the Hell alliances and have moved all the way up to fury. I went from struggling to keep 600 trophies and field 1500 teams to over 1900 trophies and my top team now weighs in just under 3300. And it’s due to the help and support from my teammates. Come try it! Oh, yeah, I’ve been in for less than 60 days.


We have 2 spots available for Fury of Hell
( Requirements needed; Please refer to our discord for more information )

We are currently FULL for Forever in Hell

Our training Alliance - Detour to Hell is open for anyone wanting to join and learn.


The tiered alliances of Hell are an excellent choice for players of all experience levels! If you’re just getting your feet wet and looking for guidance, Detour to Hell is the place for you to get started. If you’re already on the path to greatness but still training and learning, Forever in Hell is the perfect place to get more experience, learn from veteran players, and get into the nitty gritty of the game that you’ll need to know to continue to grow stronger. And finally, if you’re ready for the big leagues, you can find a home in Fury of Hell with other strong experienced players. All three alliances encourage teamwork, growth, and learning, and provide open communication and leadership every step of the way. Come join the family, and get the most out of your Empires and Puzzles experience!


We are looking for 2 Members to Join Fury of Hell -

There are many spots available. but just looking for 2 members right now.


1 Team of 3400 power
1 separate Team of 3000 power
1600 Trophies

We look forward to meeting you !


We are currently looking for 1 player to fill our last spot for Fury of Hell


1 Team of 3400 power
1 separate Team of 3000 power
1600 Trophies

and we have 5 spots available in Detour to Hell !

Come join our tiered alliance ! with the opportunity of raising to the big times !


If you are looking for a fun yet dedicated alliance to join I would strongly suggest the hell alliances. I started out in one of the lower tiers of hell and was quickly accepted and brought on board not only as a member but as a co-leader so I was able to assit in the growth and development of our tiers. I was also a co creator of our 3rd tier pathway to hell (which has now been amalgamated with detour to hell). I feel so welcome in these alliances that I have 2 accounts so I can still help out in detour and forever while still maintaining my spot in fury. Anyone of these alliances will reward you for your dedication and involvement and promotions are always available. Come and join us and reach your potential and beyond.


All 3 alliances are wonderful places to game with easy going all the way to hardcore. I started when there was only 2 alliances and the 2nd alliance wasn’t very old and I’ve been with them for months. I would have to say going from a member in the lowest alliance to being a coleader in the main alliance and a leader in the bottom tiered alliance with seeing the progression we have made since I’ve been a member here that these alliances / group of people are going somewhere amazing together wither if it’s this game or another. We have made friends and some we’d even call family and I don’t see this group of people ever givin up on each other. We as a group have a awesome structure from our chosen leaders all the way to our out of game resources. I would highly recommend anyone to come check us out, you won’t be disappointed.


This is a great alliance that accommodates all different kind of players. Having three alliances help tier players to get the support or challenge they want. Discord is also extremely active. Come join!