The Thorne Appreciation Society

I can think of at least 2 social situations where the cocktail umbrella, moustache comb and kazoo combination would save the day :joy:

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To become invisible:


I saw this thread and I had to come in! I love my Thorne. Long ago I created a post to talk about how great Thorne actually is:

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Welcome to the “coolest” thread on the forum!

Yeah it was an Ice pun, deal with it non-Thorne lovers :sunglasses:


Let’s make this thread so popular that SG feels the pressure to give Thorne an awesome costume!

110% he needs, he must have a costume that gives him extra special powers
Along with Khagan too…
But make it something really special

I held back for such a long time, mostly hes not adaptable- thats really the tough spot hes in. No cleanse, no def down, no attack down, no heal, just a big swipe.

Anyway after holding off, for such a long time hes in. His swipe is pretty handy!

It averages out at 600, 300 more if I get buffs on and is pretty satisfying. Still to put the emblems on him I would like, but thats really where he becomes very good.

His stats are just below where you need them on tile damage, base attack. Hes marginal and i think thats some of the bad press. So a little lift with emblems and its a different story.

I have been hitting Thorne teams just to see as I leveled him. I think on offence you need the buff. Defense you want a sniper with him to finish. With all the damage over time, I generally have a heal or cleanse. Teams where Thornes special was followed by a sniper, yeah you can’t heal dead. The other thing I noticed was if he goes off twice the second swipe when heros have less health really hurts, did I say you can’t heal dead…

So pretty pleased with Thorne after lamenting his lack of versatility. I hope he gets a good costume for the 5% lift and if it was a wish list for the alternate:

Rogue - Frosty reception- deals 300% to all enemies and reduces enemy mana generation by 65% for 3 turns.

Thorne arrived over a year ago, got leveled up to 4/80 a couple months ago, and has replaced Kiril+6 as my war defense tank. My war defense got much better immediately - I am attacked later and eat up more flags from the opponent.

Thorne is the 4th hero on team blue, 5th hero on team red titan, and I love how he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. (Blue is Kiril+7, maxed Grimm, Thorne, Magni+4, Sonya+7).

Alas, Telluria keeps taking all the Paladin emblems.


I have pulled thorne today from tc 20, the first one. I reminded this thread lol

I promise giving him some love, and some day if not maxed at least leveling up to 3.70.

Well done! The most OP hero in the game is finally yours :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t go around saying Thorne is the most Ostensibly Puny hero in the game, especially on this thread.

That being said, I will let you Thorne-aholics make a decision for me. Let me lay out the scenario:

For maxed blue heroes, I currently have Richard +7, Athena, and Magni +8.

For blue heroes stuck at 3/70 I have Raf and Thorne. Between those two, when I do get enough scopes, who am I to level in your extremely biased opinion?

I would add that I have 0 5* healers other than Raf, so I still run my 4* healers: Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor, Sabina, and Rigard all at +20. BT and Melendor also have costume bonus. Kashhrek is +1 with no costume and generally unused. I also just got Guillinbursti. While he heals I would hardly call him a true healer.

Calling on the guy probably running the Thorne-aholics Anonymous meeting too @Noble_Weasel


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I’m Noble Weasel, and I’m a Thorne-aholic. :laughing:

Seriously, I probably do advocate for Thorne more than most, because I finally figured out how to use him. I don’t think he’s a tank; his special - by itself - isn’t scary enough, even if he has the defensive stats of a tank. In fact, I don’t really think he belongs on defense at all. When you can’t time or target his special, it just doesn’t hit hard enough to matter most of the time.

On offense, though, you can use him judiciously to decent effect. I ALWAYS use him with at least one defense down hero - Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus (in or out of costume), Shredder Kiril, even Wilbur on occasion. He charges at the same time as Grimm, but Grimm is pretty squishy. Gormek gives defense down for six turns, so the timing doesn’t have to be perfect. If you can put a little bit of damage on beforehand, you can devastate one wing with a def down + Thorne combo.

And, although the general forum might think it’s crazy, I’m giving Thorne emblems. Got him up to +7. But I’m going all attack. He’s already bulky enough to survive, and as I said, I’m not using him on defense, so I’m trying to make that attack hit as hard as possible. He’s never going to make my first team - not with Vela around - but for a situational blue stack and a mid-range war team, he does pretty good. I actually look forward to getting to use him, but part of that is because I’m a contrarian, so I do it just because others wouldn’t.

Now, for your specific situation, I can’t advocate for my boy quite as hard. One, you have Richard, who seems to play somewhat similarly to Thorne, and he takes the same emblems. I don’t have Richard, nor do I have a more attractive option for paladin emblems.

Two, it’s between him and Raff. Raff is my current blue leveling project. I only have him at 3^30-something, so I haven’t been able to use him much yet. I think I’m going to like him more than most, though, and I plan to give my next set of scopes to him unless Isarnia shows up. So I can see the value and potential in Raff, too. I think either decision is defensible, honestly, but I might give the edge to Raff because five-star healers are so rare.


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