The Thorne Appreciation Society

He’s the games least loved 5* but my Thorne still does me a job.

More than once when I was raiding with him he would slowly catch up and his special would drop a couple of hero’s.

So this is a thread for like minded Thorne enthusiasts to share Thorne stories. Tell the times he was more then the “Meh, I just got Thorne, what’s the point” Hero. The times he watched and waiting and then crushed the opponents with his icy sword of justice.


I hope this thread gets more than one post…


Third post.

Thorne is good. Not the greatest but he could be a decent tank for any f2p player.

Personal opinion: Devs should add a status effect to his ultimate, like def down to enemies. That would put him on par with many HOTMs.


He tanks fine, he’s a decent tough map hero, stacks well with Grimm and Kiril… Not bad at all now.

I’m hoping for a great costume that makes all the naysayers power level him

Give Thorne Mana block!!



I don’t have a specific story, but I’ve been having a renewed appreciation for Thorne lately. He was the second legendary to pop out of my TC 20, and both of those were way sooner than I expected. And I wanted to like him. His art is awesome. His special name is awesome. And darn it, he’s a five-star, and us F2P just don’t take those for granted. I’m a bit of a nonconformist anyway, so I was determined to show him to be better than his reputation. By the time I had the mats and had leveled all my interesting four-stars, he was still hanging out as my only legendary blue, so I maxed him.

And I was disappointed. I tried to like him. I wanted to like him. I stacked him in my blue stack just to use him on purpose. But his damage just wasn’t enough, and he doesn’t do anything else. Boril+20 performed better for me at tank. I just couldn’t make him work. Then, I lucked into Vela, and Thorne really hit the bench, only seeing action in class trials and late war teams.

But lately, I started actually taking the forum’s advice and pairing him with a defense down hero. I also started giving him emblems - along the attack path, since I’m OK at tank - to make his special better. And you know what? As long as you can pair it with defense down first, his special can be pretty nasty. Not ideal that it takes another hero to pair with him to make him scary, but he’s probably not the only one you could say that about. He’s moving into a mid-war team role for me, often a late ToL team, and is really making paladin trials go easier now. Agree with @SirGorash that a status effect would make him more usable. I often forgo him for Sonya just because I need the cleanse or heal. But count me in as a member of the Thorne Appreciation Society.

And SGG, if you make him look like a clown in his costume, I swear… :angry:


Oh Hel yeah! This would guarantee that I would never pull his costume in 100 million tries, though.


Thorne costume should be the most OP outfit they’ve ever done. I’d like him had a different weapon…maybe an Ice hammer.

Very Fast, 900% damage - Ice Death Super Glacial Hammer Strike which reduces all other hero’s mana by 50%.

Then we will see people rue and lament not levelling him like I did :joy:


I got Thorne over a year ago, but then read all the stuff in the forum so pushed him to 3/70 and then stopped because of other blues such as Costume Richard, Costume Magni.
Now I can max another 5* blue but I have Raffaele so Thorne May stay at 3/70. That said he works well at that level when paired with Costume Kiril and emblemed Grimm

Is he less-loved than Khagan? I don’t have Thorne, but agree he has a lot of haters. From the responses, it appears he has some redeeming qualities.

I am curious about Khagan. I have him at 3.70. I have no other 5* reds that I have not leveled up (I even leveled up Azlar (without costume) to give you a sense of how thin I am with red). I have leveled up all my four-star reds that I have (including two Gormeks).

Do I level up Khagan?

Those of you who have leveled up Thorne must have mulled over whether he was worth the mats. What helped you decide to do so?

Thorne was an easy decision. He was better than the other blue 5* I had (that was zero) at the time I got the telescopes.

I read all his info, how everyone didn’t like him but he did get a buff that helped a little.

I raided red tables for ages with my trio of Thorne, Grimm and Triton. Always did well for me.

Later I added in Kiril and went Thorne, Grimm & Kiril. Also good.

Khagan though is a different beast. He’s slow but without the powerful special that other slow have. He was my first Red but by the time I had the rings I had Grazul…then I had Marjana…then Mitsuko…each time I can never justify the rings on Khagan. But a costume may change it all.


Thanks, @Cheds.

I agree that Slow stinks, particularly if the hero’s special is not devastating (like Azlar or Isarnia). Presently, I only use Khagan for Trials for that reason.

I guess it comes down to: I can only level up the heroes I have, so how long do I wait to get a better red?

Slow isn’t bad if it’s on something that hits hard. I don’t regret the Tabbards for Quintus. With Panther and Rocker Tibs he’s deadly when he fires


i don’t have Thorne. now i feel sad :frowning:

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Not from my point of view. I have a 4-80 Thorne, but I’ve thrown away TWO of Horghall so far. :wink: I hated Skittleskull since early on in my time with the game, and I hated big brother Horghall too. Fortunately, I kind of lucked out in my other green options so I’ve never regretted it. I think Horgy was the first 5* I ever threw away though. :slight_smile:

Back to the topic… I typically stack either 3-2 or 3-1-1, and when I’m facing a Red tank, I will often go Frida-Vela-Thorne and it is pretty effective. I have Magni also, and depending on the opponent, I will sometimes bring Magni instead of Thorne if I feel that the +Defense is a critical element to victory, but… Thorne whomping the same three that Frida has already hit, that’s pretty satisfying. :wink:

Good gaming!


This. Fantastic trio.
Sometimes I raid blues with blues just because these three work beautifully.

Nobody cares about stupid cocky Magni.


Thorne was my 1st Blue 5* and also my very 1st 5* from TC20. I waited long until I have 12 scopes and nobody else come… so I ascend him…

about 2 weeks after that, TC20 gave me Richard (@##%$!)

I was a little bit upset at that time because well, to be honest, the forum was so sour about Thorne and I was a little bit affected by it. If only I waited 2 more weeks, I won’t have to waste 6 Scopes !!!

But then I Maxed Thorne, give him emblems (not maxed tho), and then paired him with my Kiril+20. Thorne did hit like a truck.

I use GM as my tank. With maxed Thorne, he easily killed the weakened foes that already receive GM’s Burn Damage.

BUT THEN… I got Magni… and because I already spend my remaining 6 scopes to ascend Richard… my Magni have to wait at 3-70. I have no idea how strong is a maxed Magni compared with Thorne, but that’s a different story anyway… Thorne still have my respect and appreciation. He IS my current main squad, together with GM, Grazul, Killhare, Rigard, and Lianna

Cool post, thanks @Cheds.

I got Thorne very late. I intend t ascend him, but I just used 6 scopes on Athena. I also have Raff, so it may be a bit. I love that combo though. I could go Kiril + Grimm/Athena + Thorne for a dead group. Off topic, but I wonder how Kiril + Athena + Grimm or even Kiril + Athena + Grimm + Thorne would go!

Too much math :crazy_face:

I just used emblems to make mine +6. Same concept firing after Tibs. Last raid he was in his move killed 3 heroes at once :+1: That combos blows up mobs for me efficiently too.

If only I could get used to Azlar …


As has been said elsewhere, the best 5* is the one you have. If that’s Thorne, so be it.

Thorne works well with Kiril and Grimm. I run a mono team of Thorne, 2 Kirils, Triton and Valeria and it’s pretty serviceable against red tanks up to about 4200.

Thorne is better than GROOT…
I would rather trade in Horghall for Thorne


He does lots of things, by S1 standards, but none of them particularly well and always late.

He’s like a Swiss army knife that replaced all the tools with a cocktail umbrella, a moustache comb and a kazoo…


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