The third loss of shame 🤦🏻‍♂️

I can lose 3 in a row often now. If I’m not harvesting resources, I’m practicing for War - often times hitting a tank with off-colour ‘B’ mono teams where I’m rotating in or out a couple heroes to finalize a roster for a particular tank.

We see a lot of Kunchen tanks, and I have a medium-strong Yellow ‘B’ team and a mediocre ‘C’ team. The B team features a trio of 4stars, Maxed Viv and a 3/70 Joon. The ‘C’ team gets into some dregs. I’ll often test these teams against 4000, 4200, 4400 power teams… Trying to learn what is reasonable, possible, and just improbable with them.

So yeah, I use raiding as practice and purposely make it hard for myself sometimes.


Yeah that offense team seems heavily dependent on Sabina due to everybody either being support or multihit which Cyprian feeds on, and you’re not the right color stacks to brute force him down with tiles alone, so everything except Sabina exacerbates the situation. Mitsi kills herself. Tiburtus kills himself. Red Hood kills herself. Boldtusk helps everyone else on the team kill themselves.

Sometimes I find that’s why I lose is because I’m bringing the wrong offensive team comp or underestimating the tank. I rarely lost to Guin (besides bad boards obviously) because I don’t care if she’s +1 or +15 I’m going full mono purple. I don’t underestimate Guin tanks.

But I lose more often to Elkanen tanks because I underestimate him. I used to lose more to Kunchen tanks before I understood how dangerous he is, so I minimum 4-1 those.

But in that particular microcosm of that attack vs that defense, in hindsight (always 20/20) there are a lot of self-defeating paths and only a few victorious ones.

For me, this would be an example if I’m facing a heavily emblemed Boril tank. Overreaction? Maybe. Likelihood of not having a dispeller up? Pretty low. :joy:


I just got a popup that someone tried revenging 3 times:


I always fight the re-matches. I’m always testing my teams and heroes. If I lose, I do a re-match to see if it’s my team set up or just rng. Having three chances to test it usually gives me that answer.

I don’t care about cups or where I am on the leaderboard. I use raids to help me improve my tactics for wars and quests.


I usually choose to fight odds of +40 to +50 cups, which means I only lose -10 to -20 each shot. When I win the second time (which is often), it pays for the first loss.

However, I have had three losses in a row doing rematches, typically to a far superior lineup that good RNG couldn’t overcome. :grin:


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