The third loss of shame 🤦🏻‍♂️

So… I lost to a +2 Misandra tank three times in a row due to the tiles just never coming together. I’m ready to throw my phone into a wall.

Instead of doing that, I’d like to ask the community to share the times when they too just got screwed hard by the RNG gods, and or woke up to find themselves the lucky recipients of a three-strikes victory.

I’ve had a few rematch victories, a few two-losses and an for-honor-only victory because the cup loss stopped being the reason a while ago and been the recipient of such myself, but the lose 3 times is just… ASDFJEJEJDSKWHEFQHQKDJFJCK.



I’ve noticed these every now and then, but I tend to close the notification window so quickly that I don’t really pay attention.

I also often get attacked a lot overnight after filling a Chest and getting high in Trophies, so it’s usually such a big drop that I barely notice the wins.

I never Rematch at all. (I don’t Reroll either, unless I’m hunting Iron.)

So I’m curious, what motivates you to Rematch and fight again vs. just moving on to the next team?


I’m actually the opposite of you on this one. I don’t ever flee so I always rematch if I lose. I feel I can beat anything and I don’t back down. Not doing a rematch in my mind is a sign of weakness (note - there’s nothing wrong with fleeing or not doing rematches; this is the voice in my head speaking to me).

Side note: my tower does show that my team actually is quite mortal, especially against Ursena tanks.


I hate that i can lose +/- 200 cups overnight and then have to slaughter my way through the people that “Revenge Attacked” me or just nailed me big time.

You put so much effort into getting there and then it gets taken away from you for nothing at all!

The “win” / "lose’ ratio also needs to be corrected because there is no justice in losing 40 cups and when you take revenge you only get 21?


I don’t Revenge either.

That’s why I don’t Reroll, but so many teams are already so similar anyway that I like having at least some variety trying another team instead of fighting the same one again.

Part of it is also laziness for me.

Raid > Find Opponent > Attack

Next > Find Opponent > Attack

… etc.

It’s just kind of an autopilot thing for me at this point.

That’s the biggest reason I don’t Revenge. Because it takes more effort to scroll through the Watchtower list and tap on Revenge than to just use the Find Opponent UI.

I Raid for resources and to fill Chests. I don’t pay much attention to my Trophies, and often only realize I got high up when I drop hundreds of Trophies down later from getting to 2700+ or into the Top 100.

I think I used to pay more attention earlier on, and eventually totally stopped caring.

So maybe people who pay attention to that care more about the win/loss gap on Revenges.


All this tells me dear @zephyr1is that you get raided quite often but not nearly as much as us peasant folk :smile:


I’ve been Raided 29 times in the last 18 hours. That’s as far back as my Watchtower goes.

I have no idea how that compares to you peasant folk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mean I’d use the word “compulsion” more than “motivation” but that’s just me. It’s probably a pride thing for me since the bulk of my raiding is through revenges. Since I run a subpar defense that is surprisingly effective due to how many random wins it gets, I have a nice variety of defenses to go against due to being somewhere in the 2300-2500 cup range.

So it’s more just to “gloat” I guess which gets foiled whenever I lose which just makes me more upset, especially if I know I could’ve won but for the RNG gods showing me their displeasure.

The outlier rematches are due to going 4-1 or full mono and just getting a crummy board which happens sometimes.

I will rage rematch more if I lose to a “bad” defense. Getting a loss to a +12 Kage-Guin-Hel center I don’t feel bad about. Losing 50 cups to a Agwe-Rigard-Danza or equally atrocious center just makes me fume. I suppose every dog has his day though. Idk.

Also sometimes I rematch due to the cup differential being high enough if I’m trying to climb back into diamond. Losing 8 or 10 cups to gain 50 if I get a workable mono board can be worth it.

But mostly it’s a pride thing. Not proud of it, but at least I know myself.


Revenges are mostly pure egotism. You win more resources on raids in diamond, because the players who attacked you, emptied the tower before that. Well, most of them. And on revenge you receive only a crappy loot. For one, I revenge only if the amount of ham and iron worth it.

Revenges to me is a get-out-of-trouble-free card. If, while trying to fill a chest, I roll up an opponent that I’m not sufficiently sure I will take down, I go and take a revenge instead.

Kinda like rerolling, but at no ham cost. :slight_smile:


Just yesterday I fought a fire titan with 5xblue and had 3 times damage above 40k. Today with a green titan and 5x red I barely made 15k. Both just due to tiles/RNG.


I don’t often go for a rematch after losing a raid, but when I do, it’s usually for one of three reasons:

  1. Rage
  2. %#@!
  3. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I lost to Cyprian+18 tank before, 3 times in a row. It was bad luck, and honestly poor play from me too (we all have those days).

IIRC the full team was:

Elkanen+2 | Frida+2 | Cyprian+18 | Joon+4 | Boldtusk+16

I stacked red and purple, after the flanks. Purples were Sabina (to dispel) and Tiburtus (to get def-). Reds were Boldtusk, Mitsuko, and Red Hood

Sadly for me, I just played poorly by trying to brute force Sabina to charge; I matched a bunch of junk tiles in hopes that it would combo into a specific purple match all 3 attempts. All of those moves were under Frida and/or Joon, who just kept destroying my attackers. I should’ve looked for better moves elsewhere, and just not raided until I was more awake.


I am very often looking for 20k+ iron teams, which are sometime hard to find, so when I lose it’s easier/faster/cheaper to rematch.


Stupid Combo

When I get close to Diamond, I trophy drop.

So often I will flee when the last hero is left, then repeat twice for 3 defeats versus the same opponent and 12 heroes for my Wanted Hero Mission Chest: Platinum arena.


The second time I tried a rematch against “C”, I got a stupid combo 13 on my second match :cry:

Trophies +81

I did get +81 from “D”



In the last 3 days, I have been attacked 16 times ( including multiple attacks by the same account).

So averaging 5.3 per day.

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I lose 3 now and then. Mostly it is curiosity to see if it was just bad tiles or a bad team to use against that defense. Recently, I’ve been mulling my war attack strategy, so I am intentionally not stacking the strong color against the tank and trying not to rely on one type of utility. Raids are a good test arena for this, imo. If the defense is too good, I will use a strong stack or mono the weak color.

I normally re-roll to find either 10k+ iron or a familiar name. I cannot bank iron, so I will trade food (harpoons are iron hungry).


This!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I actually have no shame in saying that I lost against this 3x today:

Going 3-2 Holy-Dark was a gamble that failed 3 times, as Hel fired before Jackal or Proteus each time. That many emblems+troops is a big boost versus 4* and a couple of 5*s. Great setup, too! Kudos :). If I see that in war, I know I need to go mono/4-1 or likely avoid that one xD.


I lost three tries in a row yesterday - can’t remember when that happened last. Choose my raids and revenges from ham and iron only and can rarely even be bothered changing my attack team anymore, usually only rematch if it was an interesting d I lost to (or lots and lots of ham/iron up for grabs). But yesterday it got personal!

Kunch tank, sure a GM+15 flank and sure going 4-1 purple red isn’t optimal for Kunchen tanks, but the culprit was a Lepus+15 with high mana troops. He got me every time and just wouldn’t die! ■■■■■■■■ rabbit!! I even changed my lineup and for someone as lazy as me that’s a big step.

Only screen shotted last try but this was what it looked like every time:

In short, raid rage is apparently still a thing for me. Is there a support group?