The thing that wrong with the chat

When you playing the u cannot leave the game on & not play it! U must play the game by touching the screen ever few minutes or the game will disconnect from their severs which is fine by me but when your in chat your more or less not playing the game but your are touching the screen & your in the game chat room but u get disconnected from the game before u can finish your cmoment & I feel that not right! in my opinion if your in the game not matter what you do as long as your touching the screen you should not be disconnested from the sever unless u pass the time limit to be playing what that is and I would fine with that!

I have spent a lot of time in the chat rooms and as long as I was actively chatting, I have never gotten disconnected (unless in a bad cell phone area)…unless you are just lurking and not chatting, you shouldn’t get disconnected while chatting.

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Thank you 4 that so than I got a bug iusse maybe on my side but I will check it to be sure it’s not me!

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