♾ The Thanos Challenge – A Competition of Skill & Creativity

Just in time for being a week late for relevancy, we bring you…

The Thanos Challenge Competition!

Hello everyone,

First off: No Endgame spoilers in this thread!! Do not post them.

In commemoration of Avengers Endgame being released, we (SGG Staff + volunteer Forum Moderators) wanted to have a small contest!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the movie series, the villain Thanos’s mission is to collect the 6 Infinity Stones to acquire unlimited power and destroy half the universe.

A large group of users over on our subreddit have come up with a “Thanos Challenge” in which you take a screenshot of a battle board that has all 5 colored diamonds (that happen to look an awful lot like the Infinity Stones).

The Contest & Giveaway!

:gem: Prizes: The 5 Winners will each be rewarded with 600 gems!

:boom: How to Enter

  • This is NOT a raffle or RNG giveaway :scream::dizzy_face::exploding_head:

  • Deadline: 2019-05-19T12:00:00Z

  • Post an ENTIRE SCREEN screenshot of your Thanos Challenge to this thread. (We want to be able to see the enemies and your heroes in addition to the board.)

  • Valid entries must have AT LEAST one Diamond or Dragon of each color.

  • You may enter multiple times in separate posts.

  • Please submit only your OWN screenshots. We will ask for verification if something looks fishy.

:woman_judge: Selection of Semifinalists

  • 10 Semifinalist Entries will be chosen by contest judges, @RakeJay & @zephyr1, after the entry deadline (2019-05-19T12:00:00Z)

  • Entries will be judged based on:

    • Use of Diamonds or Dragons – either are allowed for entries, but designs with all of one will be judged more highly, and Diamonds will generally be considered worth more than Dragons, unless the design is otherwise truly impressive.

    • Creative or Complex Layout of Diamond/Dragons – scattered diamonds are fun, but creative shapes or alignment will be judged more highly.

    • Difficulty of Place of Achievement – anyone can make some diamonds while farming 8-7; only the truly dedicated can achieve The Thanos Challenge in more interesting spots like Raids or harder stages. (NOTE: we’ve provided 2 weeks for entering, so no one feels rushed to use Flasks or gems to compete by endlessly repeating stages in a short time.)

    • Overkill – Got multiple Diamonds or Dragons in each color? You’re getting higher ranking. Get creative with how above and beyond you can go!

    • Board Destruction Potential – bonus points will be awarded for setups that can clear the whole board in one move.

    • Hero Creativity – can you assemble an interesting team to use while completing your challenge?

:tada: How to Win!

  • The 10 Semifinalists will be voted on by Forum Members.

  • The Forum Voters will eliminate half of the 10 Semifinalists to select the 5 Winners.

  • You saw what we did here, right? We’re pretty clever, aren’t we.*

  • The Winners will remain alive each win 600 gems!

  • …plus fame and respect, and such. :raised_hands:

*@zephyr1 should not be left alone to write contest posts late at night. Don’t blame any cheesiness of this post on @RakeJay.

Also a reminder to be civil. Please refrain from posting Endgame spoilers. Violators will be dealt with accordingly, with 3 months of bad RNG Karma. KarmNG? Can I coin that phrase? I’m coining that. It’ll be bad.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got! :slight_smile:


Love it! :smiley: Here’s mine:

Popping the purple diamond will pop the green one, which will move the reds up and who knows what’ll happen next. :smiley:


First attempt, s2 27/1 hard mode

I did have all 5 diamonds but I lost my purple trying to make all the dragons as well…


Not the best presentation but at least has all the infinity stones. :smile:


I couldn’t get a green diamond or dragon to save my life.


So this this challenge geared for or aimed to the higher level players? Because 8-7 is out of reach for some of the lowbies here is mine as I struggle to finish the story.

I believe activating the blue diamond will clear the board because the green will drop down for the 3 match.


Of course as soon as I popped it this happened


I only have these two screens (and not on my phone anymore) but I’ll definitely try to cook some more diamonds!




so close yet so far. Whyyy bluess


I join the challenge! Although I hope I can do better


Nice little arrangement for the ocd in all of us.


Underwater for extra difficulty points


I dont remember the stage :slightly_frowning_face:


No, we’re looking for challenging spots for the player — with your team, you’re in one! :slight_smile:


« Reality is often disappointing. That is, it was. Now, reality can be whatever I want. »

During the same battle, S2-22.3. Hope i can do better in the upcoming stages


Ursena on hard is good place, this is E&P Thanos


Trials of Serenity on March 3rd.

I matched the three yellow tiles in the top right, then popped the green diamond, which popped the green dragon, triggering the purple diamond, which set up the blue diamond. I don’t remember what happened after that. :grin: