The TC11 Recruit Bank

Just skimmed through, nice writeup; however, if you’re using TC19 for all the goodness that TC19 is, you should likely be using 3 over 1 for the same reason: faster leveling in the time domain.

Would suggest 4-10 are useless as a slight tweak rather than the 3-10 you have listed now.

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I believe 3 is useless after 11. Willing to be wrong. Why use 3?

Edit: I see now. I have not used 3 in so long I forgot the requirements. Thanks. Making the edit now

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Haha that’s what I get for doing something in game rather than finishing my post; yup!


Thank you for this wonderful help post…I have just modify my training camps and it really works as it says on the tin…
Thank you!!!

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Great advice, thank you!

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Thank you for writing this up and sharing it on the forums.

It is VERY helpful for new, and old, players to see the strategy you have worked out.


Why do you advise against using low cost ( RT 4/ TC 4 ) for this until you unlock your first camp with extra low cost ( RT 11/ TC 11 ) ?





This is soooo true.

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Good point about TC4. Let me get my mental mojo back and edit. Thanks

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I’ve been stocking up for a while now :wink: the two buildings on the right are a TC 19 and a TC 10 both in the process of being upgraded.


Thanks Gryphonknight. I made a few edits and added a link to your document. I have been starving for food (pun intended) for so long I have never even thought about this. I never did it and probably will not for a long time. I have SO many troops to level… uggh.

Great write up and wonderful new information for me.


I found two uses for TC4, at least temporarily.

First, as a poor man’s TC11 before I could use TC4 as Gryphonknight suggested :slight_smile:

Second use I found accidentally, when I moved my old bank (maybe a month worth?) to TC11, it took a while, because I had to earn the food to add as I moved recruits over.

Part way through this I was getting ready to do the second ascensions on my first group of 5 heroes, all about the same time needing 132k food each, and I was sooooooo food broke, so I took a step backwards–moved some surplus from my TC11 bank back to the old TC4 bank. Just so I could pull enough food out to ascend somebody, and not have to wait a day. Further, I was full-up on feeders and needed to ascend so I could level up and clear out space.

I think I’m finally over that hump; I haven’t needed to do it for a bit, but I do know that if I desperately need some food NOW, I can switch the TC I might use at 1 or 2 over to 4, and load it up from the bank.

Once I get a queue going at TC13 (or TC20), and get it loaded up as a food bank, this use will go away as well.


Great write up about your experience. The lack of food is hard. I have sooooo many things I want to do, but food is the limiter.

This is great. Thanks for the info, y’all. I’ve always had a TC11 going, but never thought of using it as a bank.

My stronghold will reach level 20 tomorrow, which means a 4th TC. I’d like one TC at 20 for chances at 4 and 5 stars. For the other 3, should I make 2 of them ELC and the other churn out rank 1-2 when I get lots of swords / backpacks? I have a load of heroes to level right now.

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Currently 40 days que’d for my TC11 :smiley:

Food has been my killer lately for leveling heroes

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No. Use TC12. You are banking troops and recruits for the day TC19 opens.

As far as using TC3, there are times I have to burn off some ham. Very useful in one special case

I am confused about this. As far as I can see, there is only one location where hero’s are stored after they are trained. How do I store them in two different locations.

You use the training center to store heroes. Normally you store heroes in your “houses”, you still will, but this allows you to store more (infinitely more).

To be totally correct, they are not stored, but waiting in the training que to be created. So every 2 hours you will get a new hero. But by farming every day you will have WAY more recruits than ELC training can handle. So, the end result is you are storing recruits, but not limited to the space in your houses.

As I write this I have 71 recruits in my houses. I have 3 TCs qued up with 3 days of ELC training. So I can “withdraw” 216 recruits from my training camps to fill my houses when I need them.

… And I do need them. My 4th TC I use for TC1, TC2 and TC19 training. Depending on the way you play, you may use the same as me or totally different. It is a big game


There is also a TC10 food bank, btw.

Personally loving TC 13 as i currently have 900 heroes ticking away !!! Thats 1800 recruits !!! SH at 19 lvling up iron storage and massing iron to get to 20 then its “HELLO MAMMA!!!” TC20 here i am !!!


Thanks for sharing! Its still a bit confusing but hope it becomes clear once i level up to tc11

Thank you, thankyou i have been banking in TC4 and wondered if research worth it? Hallaluyah. Pleantyof resource to move and cheaper, net back some food…always good

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