The TC11 Recruit Bank

Currently 40 days que’d for my TC11 :smiley:

Food has been my killer lately for leveling heroes

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No. Use TC12. You are banking troops and recruits for the day TC19 opens.

As far as using TC3, there are times I have to burn off some ham. Very useful in one special case

I am confused about this. As far as I can see, there is only one location where hero’s are stored after they are trained. How do I store them in two different locations.

You use the training center to store heroes. Normally you store heroes in your “houses”, you still will, but this allows you to store more (infinitely more).

To be totally correct, they are not stored, but waiting in the training que to be created. So every 2 hours you will get a new hero. But by farming every day you will have WAY more recruits than ELC training can handle. So, the end result is you are storing recruits, but not limited to the space in your houses.

As I write this I have 71 recruits in my houses. I have 3 TCs qued up with 3 days of ELC training. So I can “withdraw” 216 recruits from my training camps to fill my houses when I need them.

… And I do need them. My 4th TC I use for TC1, TC2 and TC19 training. Depending on the way you play, you may use the same as me or totally different. It is a big game


There is also a TC10 food bank, btw.

Personally loving TC 13 as i currently have 900 heroes ticking away !!! Thats 1800 recruits !!! SH at 19 lvling up iron storage and massing iron to get to 20 then its “HELLO MAMMA!!!” TC20 here i am !!!


Thanks for sharing! Its still a bit confusing but hope it becomes clear once i level up to tc11

Thank you, thankyou i have been banking in TC4 and wondered if research worth it? Hallaluyah. Pleantyof resource to move and cheaper, net back some food…always good

@Blaaarggle_Blaa thank you for the good post you shared… i learned a lot from this…

I like this guide. It gets thumbs up from me.

Keep in mind too though that, while 8-7 has the lowest energy cost + best recruits reward, it is pretty bad for getting items for crafting.

If you are not trying to get recruits aggressively, I suggest hitting season 2 level 15-9 on Normal mode. Sure, it takes a lot of energy, but on average it’s given me ~20 recruits for 7 flags… not as good as 8-7’s ~10 recruits for 3 flags but the difference is fairly small. However, the rewards are better and more plentiful, so if you’re looking to craft some items this is a good stage to hit in my experience (firestones galore!)

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How is storing food in TC’s effective? Once I pull out my units as soon as my houses hit max I can’t pull any more out because even tho food is not maxed, houses are so you can’t pull only food. For example: TC4 1500 food 4 recruits, max recruits are limited to 68 in my case. In the best case scenario (if u have 0 recruits) you can pull 25k food from it because as soon as you hit max recruits (68/68) you will not gain more food or recruits by decreasing the training (it acts as if it is the last training, meaning you dont gain foor nor recruits by decreasing the training number).
Maybe I’m not getting the point of it so I would appreciate if someone would make it clear for me how it is done.
Ty :slight_smile:

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You have to move the recruits to another TC. So for instance, if you have a TC13 and a TC11:

TC13: 70 recruits : 265k food
TC11: 70 recruits : 35k food

So by moving your 70 recruits from TC13 to TC11, you gain 230k food to use on levelling your heroes.


Wouldn’t TC11 with 70 recruits be only 35k food because it costs 2 recruits and 1000 food? I get your point tho.
Food saving makes sense only on higher levels of TC’s?
Should I would use TC4 for constatly getting heroes? Because I see no point saving food through it with 1500 food and 4 recruits cost, my recruits bank would fill in too quickly giving me small amount of food back

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Whoops, you’re right about TC11 numbers… I edited my post!

But yeah, you can use TC13 and TC20 as food banks. TC4 is a lower level version of TC11 so a recruit bank and not a food bank. But at lower levels banking is a bit less efficient and usually not very necessary either, so I’d focus on getting to SH11 and TC11 as fast as possible (and SH13/TC13 if you’re F2P of C2P). Shouldn’t take too long!


Food hoards

You can use the following as food banks:
RT11 ( not very good food store),
RT12 ( good food store but only 3* heroes ),
RT13 ( mostly 3* heroes ),
RT20 ( decent amount of 4* heroes )

This works for two reasons:

You can take recruits out of a higher food per recruit training an put them in a lower food per recruit training ( see Notes ).

The training takes hours to finish.

Taking recruits out of RT11 in one training camp and putting them in RT4 in a different training camp takes less food per recruit. So you gain food from this movement.

Recruit hoards

You can use the following as recruit banks:
RT4 ( low level stronghold),
RT11 ( best to bank recruits),
RT12 ( better for food than recruits),
RT13 ( better for food than recruits),
RT20 ( worst for food and recruits but decent amount of 4* heroes).

This works because the training takes hours to finish.


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I need an update for players that are completely built out. I can’t use recruits fast enough, I have a ton of them. I run two camps at 20, have one at 11 where I store recruits and then I use the last to burn backpacks and leather (3 and 19). Maybe I could use more recruits if I made advanced heroes but that takes 1 or 2 days, that can’t be more efficient. I do have to work hard to get enough materials to always run an 11 and a 3 or 19 but manage.

Personally I don’t bother with TC20 now as I have all the standard heroes
Certainly with Atlantis Rises it is easy to file TC11’s and I run three of them all currently with 72 days in each and I use the last to alternate around TC1, TC2 and TC19

Sorry, I meant I am doing 5 through 9, not 3.
2 is okay but 2 and 3 are inefficient for feeding my 5s. I Have all the 4s and only run TC20 for 5*s.

Why use TC5-TC9?
Have you read

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Yes I have read this but I don’t see how it applies. I have almost 6 teams of 5* heros. I am feeding the cream of the crop and looking for more 5*s. There are some that I want to get to upgrade my teams, many aren’t available in TC20 but a few are. I feed correctly, I just am collecting recruits, 300 days worth and climbing. Tc13-18 might use more recruits but seems less efficient, true? Or is that what you are suggesting?

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