The TANK Report

This should have been done soo long ago. Thanks @Razor for takin the time to do it!!


Definitely appreciate it. Looks like it will be very helpful


Looks great @Razor! I was jumping back and forth between the HPET and the hero report the other day, trying to get a feel for exactly this.

Having it pulled together like that is going to be super helpful.


I’m always grateful for your solidly fact-based analysis, @Razor. I wish there were some way, thouh, to develop predictive metrics. Should i be rushing to level Kunchen? QoH? I don’t have any clever ideas of how to do this, unfortunately.


First of all thank you very much for what you share from Argentina.
when and where we could see the final result and obtain it so that we can share from now on a new mind thank you very much

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@Kerridoc if I just had a more time I think the guys/gals that all responded to this - we could probably hammer something out! I just don’t have enough time (like most of us). On another note the ToA (Time of Availability) factor perhaps you and I can figure this out one of these days to adjust grades/ranks…

@ratabboypda it will be a report available like the new H.T.E.P. report - through the TM Users Group Lounge Links after you login to get the report.

If your not a member join up - its FREE. It will be available tomorrow morning.


T.M.U.G. pre-release REVIEW TEAM (TMUGprRT):

Team I’m sending you this report as a .png its 2200x2122 (1.11MB) - open and markup/add comments that could be beneficial - goal for release v1 - CLARITY & PRECISION. Need it asap (before say 7pm USA MST today) for consideration if you can’t respond by then no worries. The Doctor is in…

@Sorsha, @FraVit93, @Garanwyn and @Ray008 your welcome to be part of the review on this just send me your email to - if interested in the next hour.

Thanks!    RaZ     RaZoR_RaZoR's-EDge_Signature_Small


Just saw it now (I usually go back from work around 02.00 or 02.30 CET) :frowning:

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Ditto, I’m at work tonight and I just got on here and saw. Sorry @Razor


Hey @Razor,

next hour quite short termed if living in another timezone…was 10pm here and I was going to sleep instead of reading forum…sorry :open_mouth:

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VERSION 1 OF THE TANK REPORT has been released.

@Garanwyn - excellent suggest on adding in Mana Speed WILDCAT!
@Rigs - thanks for your feedback buddy
@Mattman - thanks for your feedback my man
@Sorsha, @Ray008, @FraVit93, @Wormwood, @Kerridoc, @ratabboypda, @Rook

Just login to your T.M. Users Group Membership Account - it’s in the Members Lobby.


Just ran through it and it looks good…Lot of interesting information!!!

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It’s prety good, it includes every information a player could need to chose their defending hero’s position :slight_smile:


You ever track how long someone stays at #1 or 2??


How do you pull the data? Please tell me you aren’t doing a visual inspection and entering it into a spreadsheet or DB by hand…

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@General_Confusion I am doing exactly that - I touch type fortunately and write my data collection apps to suite my abilities. Never heard of a smartphone that can get screen scraped lol so there is no other option. @Ray008 thanks and the answer is absolutely I do (one of my qualifications is they have to be in the top 100 10 minutes after I start the freeze - so many passes are made). I’ve seen some interesting things with as much time as I have spent doing it since July 2018, and some players can really hang there for a long time. @FraVit93 - great to know you feel it’s has value - it will continue to get more informative as we move forward. @Sorsha it’s all good - that time-zone stuff is what it is!

Have a good one guys! RaZ


Hey @Razor, link gets me to the log in page but I don’t have a log-in account so far…how can I register?
Cannot find a link to do this on your main page…

The front page is

Here’s where the registration link is:


OK., I registered but not sure if I did everything which is needed to stay in your member list. The last action was not really clear to me…can you check this? I choose option #2. Hope this was correct as you requested me to join. Still got the mail/envelope emplem :thinking:
EDIT: did everything requested and changed to option #3. no mail symbol anymore…think I am finally in! Thanks my Dear!

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It seems random to me… Some days I will hang around #20 for 4 hours or so and other days it seems like seconds till i am punished back to my spot… Either way, the number of attacks on, and wins / losses nf my defense team are usually about the same. My defense team has kicked me up to the #3 spot, but usually it doesn’t.

I do like the idea of 10 minutes (but after they log off, which would probably be very hard to track).

Edited for clarity (hopefully).

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Thank a lot for this. Sorry for replying a week after you posted; I’ve been slammed with my graduate internship here lately. I look forward to digging into it.