The stronghold and iron storage are canceling each other out. I can't upgrade

Thanks for taking the time to read about my problem.
It started Oct 1 2018 at 11 a.m. in the eastern time zone of u.s.a.
I need to upgrade my stronghold which is at level 4.
My iron storage is also level 4 but it’s full.
I can’t upgrade the iron storage because the stronghold has to be level 5 to upgrade the iron capacity
I can’t upgrade the stronghold because theres not enough iron…being that the game wont let me add more iron because the iron storage is full
So I can’t upgrade the stronghold or the iron storage because they’re canceling each other out.
I can’t do one because of the other and vice versa
When I play a mission or any battle, I can’t get iron because the iron capacity is full but I can’t upgrade the iron storage because of the strong hold or the stronghold because of lack of iron…they cancel each other and thus I’m losing iron because when I win battles…the iron can’t be stored…it upsets me badly.
I hope this isn’t confusing…its just that the stronghold and the iron storage are bumping heads…i can’t do either.

The stronghold needs around 47700 iron bars (example number)to upgrade to level 5
The iron storage is at capacity at 38600 iron bars…It won’t hold anymore without an upgrade but I can’t upgrade it because the stronghold has to be level 5 first and I don’t have enough coins to upgrade.
I can’t add more bars so now neither building can upgrade…theyre canceling out each other.

Please help

Build another iron storage

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Oh thanks for answering…youre so sweet. Please tell me how to build another. I’ve only been playing one week.

Oh my GOD…i figured it out. Thank you. That was so freaking simply. Thanks for answering me so late at night…be blessed.:blush:

We’ve been there before. Now remember, don’t convert on to a barracks. This may make more sense later. Converts crafting building.

Please google empires and puzzles wiki