The story continues? What!

Man just when I was getting in a grove!!! Why do I have to wait over 27 days??? UGGGGGG!!!


Nothing new. They did this with S2 as well when it just came out


Yeah I knew that but it still sucks… And you think they would have stopped it…

Three pulls so far with the coins collecting from the three areas…


Stops you bulldozing through it! then in a few months I’m bored nothing to do come on sgg blah blah :woman_shrugging::wink::+1:


Nah not gonna drink the Kool_Aid Jim!!! (@Dudeious.Maximus)

Once you’ve gone through the story its back to farming S1 mainly anyway. Unless the drops are truly ridiculous, but I don’t really think they will be. So this way we at least have something “new” every month


I prefer napalming through it personally @Dudeious.Maximus, but I’m really liking this runic rock thing. Makes for some interesting hero setups

(As much as I think a tunic of rock would be totally cool I corrected this one :joy:)


Your a top player respect.
What would you like instead you got new heros to pull a new season
I guess you thinking in the long run of when it’s over but it’s day one! Have a bit of faith dude!:+1:

Well bee dispointed for ever than just quit now? Why not? Might aswell. Good luck in your future endeavours :beer::hotdog::+1:

Carpet bomb the first boss👍

I’ve been around long enough to try and predict what’s coming and unless they have a similar thing to Atlantis Rising for S3 (which I think there will be), I don’t see myself farming S3 after I completed the map.

I do have faith in SG tho and I’m very happy with the new content and how S3 turned out so far. But I’m also a bit sceptical that they continue to churn out new features instead of perfecting things that need some re-evaluation.


Better yet … why aren’t you in an alliance? Or am I missing something on your screen? I don’t see titans hits…

What a useful and thoughtful response… GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

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There lot of things people want improve hero academy is prob top on the list my mate wants SH to be available to level again. Other buildings similar to that yes?

thank you.
20 keep at it things will be ok👍

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How do you ask for the improvement of a feature that hasn’t been released yet?

And I’m talking more about some simple QoL updates, but there’s other topics about that :wink:

Have read dude sure there is stuff that can bee but prob won’t happen.
They about making money not our satisfaction on issues.
AMA apart from this, that and that or that we good too go! :wink::+1:

Reminder to follow Forum Rules: Constructive criticism directed at the game, not each other. Thanks!


Seems out of context anyway, When you click the map to S2 or S3, you don’t get to see Titan, perhaps it will show on S1.
But the OP has a Titan chest!

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