The source of infection

With all of the issues happening with this game it seems like these 3 problems keep coming up. I believe adjusting the cost of emblems was a good baby step but more needs to be done. Here are the 3 issues that continue to plague players:

  1. Low summoning odds

  2. Extreme rarity of ascension materials

  3. Massive amount of time/money required to build up 1 hero.

Instead of micro fixes to Heroes over the course of months; addressing the symptoms. Why not try to address the source of the infection.

Look at the issues in your game like a doctor and start to cut out the cancer that players are dealing with.

This topic is about addressing the big picture source problems. If I Missed one, please feel free to mention it below.

If you can see your current grievance being attributed to one of the 3 listed, share your problem with the game and why it fits into one of the categories provided.

Who knows, maybe if we link a bunch of problems to a root cause all in 1 thread SGG will take a more direct action.

Here’s to hoping they hear our cry for help and take action-cause I’d genuinely like to keep giving them my money. I just need to see change to make that happen. I think that’s most of us.


There will be always something that it’s very complex to get… It doesn’t matter which element it is. If you pay you must have better teams, so at the end, materials, heroes or something has to be very very difficult to get unless you pay certain amount of money…
Everybody thinks they are paying too much, or they have too bad heroes… Reducing the cost won’t chance that fact…
That my opinion, and thats why I think it won’t change anything this post… There is no root problem, it is designed to be like this…


Agreed. The game is designed this way and has been this way since inception. A very long time ago I came around to the idea that this game is a long haul. Low summoning odds, scarcity of mats, time and material to build heroes (and resources)…all part of the designed long haul.


The game has become very toxic and mood-spoiling. In my entire life, I don’t remember any game that upset me so much.
Usually you play, develop, make some progress, accumulate resources, enjoy the process.
It was the same here at first. I started playing with great interest, spent money with pleasure, increased the team’s power, increased the pool of heroes. And now I see that in this game every step is fraught with uncertainty and disappointment.

Why would I chase and spend money to challenge a good hero, if in a month he will become the complete opposite? He’s nerfed and he becomes crap.

How can I choose who to give rare Ascension Items to if at any moment the hero is reduced to nothing? (on the forum I was told by the free defenders of the SG - you should have foreseen that the hero would be nerfed, because he was too good). How is it now? Giving ascension mats to the bad and losing? Give it to the good heroes and lose it?

Why would I buy emblems if I can’t promote anyone due to a lack of telescopes?

Why should I build a team based on some characteristics of heroes, and then they are destroyed, and I find myself thrown to the very bottom, after long months of progress?

This game is no longer fun, thanks to the malicious nerf politics and the terrible rarity of the items.


To be very honest, I knew what I was getting into in this game when I loaded it up over two years ago.
I understood and accepted the summoning odds. Bought my gems etc and took my chance on pulling.
I eventually understood that ascension material was difficult to get right at the very beginning and probably for the first 18 months. Now I take time to plan ascension so it’s no longer a problem.
And yes I understood the game basics so took advice to level 3 x 3* rainbow teams, then 3 x 4* rainbow teams before looking at levelling 5*. By that time I already had quite a few mats.
The biggest problem now for me is choosing who to spend time and effort and mats to level next if SG nerf a reasonably good hero into somewhat mediocre… it doesn’t fill me with confidence.
And I have said it before SG don’t cover themselves in glory when it comes to communicating with the player base. Making announcements that are not clear and sometimes confusing will always get players knickers in a twist


I agree that nerfing too good heroes is a problem for the people that have them.
But I think also, that some nerfs are necessary for the balance of the game …
Vela, telluria and gravemaker was not good for the game… I found almost 100% of the raids with that trio, wars were always against tellurias…
It was boring…
But if a nerfing is done, I think that people should have the possibility to undo the Ascension of that hero and recover the materials…
With that I think it should be ok…


Different perspective on these issues is that exactly these are the reasons for players to stay a long time in the game. Of course, interesting features and generally nice concept in the first place.

Call me crazy, but the source of infection is in us. If we accept the game as given for a moment, like reality we can’t change, we can see that all frustrations are inside, in the fact that it’s never enough. So, instead of acceptance we see those rules as constraints, a barrier that keeps us from “having enough”. Unfortunately, this mind pattern does not know “enough”, it always wants more. :slight_smile:


In my country buying vip costs 45 loaf breads. I can no longer afford vip but it’s necessary for building base much faster so I have a suggestion too :
***Keep all costs same but calculate and sell vip with balanced currencies in every country. Decrease only the cost of vip to balance unfairness. I’m pretty sure that more people will buy this way. And people will be able to develop their base faster.


One day you will be able to level a brand new 5* from scratch to max in about half-an-hour without spending a dime.

And the vaccine is patience :wink:
that was super cool @Slobix


descarga (3)


Agreed with all your points and your approach to the game.

I think they need to rebalance the game… make it easier to ascend S1 5* heroes.

The real problem is that the player stage between “beginner” to “veteran” becomes aggravating. This stage needs to evaluated and User experience needs to be redesigned to improve QoL and gameplay.

S1 Heroes ascension mat chokehold

  • you can Keep ascension mat requirements the same for newer and rarer 5*.
  • but if you are gonna swamp us with S1 5* which results in a lot of unusable dupes which we cannot retrain for better heroes … then change the ascension mat requirements for S1 heroes then.

There is a problem if unusable S1 5* heroes keep piling up and pissing off ALL players (100% of the community probably agrees with this).

Increase 4star heroes and decrease 5

  • compare how many 4* heroes are available vs 5* in the game. There is already more than twice 5*
  • the intermediate player stage should have more time and options to increase 4 star hero roster. Let the player spend more time in that stage and build a stronger more diverse army during that stage
  • HotM releasing 5* every month is resulting in game in balance. Stop making us chase 5*, and disappointing us with mediocre 5* hotm. I would rather get a better 4* HoTM of the month than unusable 5* (ascension mat rarity results in unleveled unused HoTMs … but 4* HoTM would be easier to level and more valuable and makes a player happier due to actual usage)
  • increasing 4 star heroes in the game will make the “intermediate stage” longer, more gratifying for the player and impact the imbalance in the game.
  • if played have more 4* to chase and build up… I bet the math works out in SGG’s favor for profitability. a player will be more active playing and leveling a deeper roster vs letting all these 5* unusable dupes just sit there.

Low hero summon rates did it for me.

Nearly 3 years of grind, and paying where I could, yielded just 16 5*, albeit I managed to max them all.

I was, I suppose, an outlier on the TC20 argument as for over 18 months of 2x TC20 running non stop (the other 2 running intermittently), I got 2 5*…Elena and Elkanen.

The summon gates were a little friendlier than that, but not by much, and the frustration of constant 4* dupes and 3* feeders was more than I could be bothered to tolerate anymore. Extreme irritation isn’t much fun, given Empires markets itself as a game.

Just my $0.02 and I hope SG have, or will soon, improve the summon chances for you all.


Agree with your points ManiacOfMayhem. I think continuing worsening boards and worser loot tier are also problem.

I guess devs never try to play the game from normal players point of view, and of course they wouldn’t play from zero and buy anything with their own money, so they may never know why many players (especially who paid on the game) feel that the game is become frustrating instead of enjoyable.

They have unlimited resources, they can uses any heros they like, they can battling with any opponents / heros they like, they can setup any team power they want, they can ascening any heros without wait, one more thing - they can adjust the so called RNG setting.

They will know what problem of the game is if try to play from zero and buy item with their own money.

Haven’t anyone of you remembered that when you started playing this game, you don’t stack but use a rainbow team of heroes by reason of the limited heroes in your roster? And then some days, weeks and months pass, you acquired other better heroes and learn stacking, starting maybe with 2-1-1-1 then 2-2-1 then 3-2, and maybe some of you later on doing 4-1 and mono. When you use rainbow, you don’t or hardly notice an issue with worse boards by reason that all colors are with you. But as the time passes and the harder you stack, you then notice the alleged “worse” boards, or “bad” boards because the favorable colored tiles are either wanting or minimal. Maybe its time for us to revert back to rainbow attacks and tell me if you notice bad boards.


Isnt HA level 10 disagreeing with this?

Thank you for this post, it addresses root issues that have always bothered me, but apparently have never bothered others, which is why I’ve always been considered something of an “outsider” around here.

When I first joined the forums, I had no idea that the summoning odds were so low. I had no idea that “this is just how most mobile phone games operate”. Because I had never been much of a mobile phone gamer before downloading this one.

“Stupid TGW, how did you not know? Haven’t you ever heard of a gacha game? Haven’t you played mobile phone games before? Don’t you know that we’re all supposed to spend thousands of dollars? Do you make it a habit to just download free games without reading all the reviews and wikis and forums first?”

  • No, I had never heard of a gacha game
  • I thought most mobile phone games were like sudoku and solitaire, and maybe you spend $5 on them?
  • If anyone had ever told me that many players of this game were regularly dropping $100+ a month on it, I never would have downloaded it
  • Game said it was free? Looked like a RPG. I expect RPGs to be grindy and require time investment. Was okay with that.

Spend some money to speed up the time? Okay, cool. Fine with that also.

Hey look, buy some gems and summon heroes! Cool! Well I have some extra money right now…

Wait. I just spent $30 and got a bunch of 3* and a couple of 4* heroes.

These… aren’t the best heroes… are they?


I didn’t think so. How come I didn’t get any good heroes? I spent $30.

“$30 is nothing. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best heroes in this game.”

WTF? U joking, right?

“No I iz 1000% serious.”


There is where my disillusionment began. But after having already invested time and money, and being assured by others that I could still make progress in the game without spending hundreds of dollars, I stuck with it anyway. A small part of me always secretly hoping that maybe some day, they would address one of those root issues?

They addressed them, all right. They made most of them even worse.

I still play. But I no longer pay. Those who tell me I should uninstall - give me my money and time invested back, and I will, if it’s worth enough to you to not have to listen to me anymore. Otherwise? I’m going to stick with it like a fly on :poop: until I feel like I got my money’s worth out of it.

Also going to point out the one bit of irony where we are always told that the game is a marathon, not a sprint… so you bide your time, slowly progressing… while power creep outpaces your progress 2:1… but you’re still trying anyway, in vain, to try to keep up with the big spenders…

only to be later told, “eh well games like this don’t last forever anyway, they’ll probably end up shutting down the servers in a year or two.”

You mean, right after I finally have a decently leveled bench to be able to be ‘competitive’?


Am I really the only player who sees a problem here?


No. (20 unhappy :rage::rage::rage::rage:)


This topic made me feel like an gameaholic anonymous.

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