The smallest loot I've seen in my life!

I wonder if I have something like 20% ,what they give ? ,or maybe they take something from me. I expect that from this Devs :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Really, it is not that you are Romanian, just devs not big radiohead fans.

First war chest, 100% participation in all 9 wars it took us to finally fill it. Total farmable garbage, pathetic!

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Yea I’ve seen that from others as well. I had solid loot when we filled our chest couple weeks ago. at least 1 unfarmable should be given in every chest in my opinion

Wow that’s just super bad luck. Are you sure you haven’t broken any mirrors or kicked any black cats lately? One of my alliance mates got two 4* materials and I got two 3* unfarmables, so good luck on your next chest! Maybe burn some incense or get a lucky horseshoe or rabbits foot next time.

Mine was 100% and was still all farmable garbage and regular summon token.

Dang that’s like a cheap teaser lol

32% participation = bad loot odds.

100% participation = best loot odds.

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Its not the size of it that matters its how you use it

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You’re not alone, mine looked exactly like yours with 100% participation. No gold tokens, and no unfarmable mats. Hopefully that means our next war chest loot will be amazing (but probably not lol)

Got our first today. I had 100% part, best thing I got was royal tabard. One of the leader got basic 1 star craft and farmables. Leaders and a new member with very low participation got same loot. Not quite equal work for equal payout. Lol

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