The Slayers Guild, has4 openings

The Slayers Guild Criteria is as follows:
If your not going to be available for a few days or a week. We don’t mind you will get a pass but you must let us know ahead of time or the following could happen when your gone…
If you miss 3 consecutive titans, or it becomes habitual, your out.
If you miss 2 consecutive wars, or it becomes habitual, your out.

We are a fair and friendly alliance. Everyone has a life outside the game. We aren’t going to boot you for that! We are pro Family First here!

We will however boot you without question whether you’ve committed the preceding offenses or not if you are harassing fellow members or making them uncomfortable. Example:Unwanted sexual crap. Don’t be making advances at someone who doesn’t want it. Save it for your significant other or whomever else outside of our alliance.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! We enjoy the game and have built this alliance helping one another advance in the game and finding new friends all over the world. Join us in chat for friendly banter and strategy.