The skills stopped pumping!

Good day
tell me why my characters have ceased to pump skills … I pump my characters over 40% of the probability … and even after 3 rebirths, the skill does not pump … I tried to pump other characters, the same problem-skills are not being pumped … it’s very bad … help please solve the problem

Heroes have two different ways to increase:

  1. Level (up to preset levels)
  2. Ascend (allowing you to Level again)

Here’s a visual:

You can level until max. Then ascend. Then level again. Lather, rinse, repeat. (See third pic.)

Is Level “Max”? Time to ascend.

I thought he was talking about the special skill. My answer was going to be “sorry, you’ve been bit by the random number generator”.


I do not play the first day in it … I know how and what to pump … I’m only talking about, I shake with a chance above + 40%! every character even after rebirth nothing changes …

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I apologize, I want to be sure I understand you.

What do you mean 40%? Can you screenshot your current card you are having problems with? :slight_smile:

In my example, my card stops leveling at level 40. I must click “Ascend” and pay certain items to be able to level the next section.

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the level of skill in the character is not pumped … I’ve been playing for a long time and I know how to pump … but now it’s not pumped by any character

Ah, okay. Just a sec (JoeStraz you were right!)

You are referring to the Special, which maxes at 8/8.

Except under a few unique circumstances, the special increases incrementally, usually by an unknown (RNG) operator.

You usually will see a 3* not fully up to 8/8. If your card level is maxed (level 50 for 3*, three chevrons, 70 for 4* and 80 for 5*, four chevrons), I would Level it only with 1* cards, one at a time.

OR, if you have lots of extra cards to burn, level four copy cards at a time for a guaranteed increase.


yes, I pump over 40%, at the moment I’ve spent all the characters, at the first opportunity I’ll attach a screenshot in the proof

Please read above. When your card is at final maximum, but your special isn’t, it will take many cards to make the special increase.

The only guaranteed way to increase one level of special is to use four copies of the same card. This is very expensive, depending upon your card.

It is NOT recommended to eat 3/4/5* cards, especially with War and Events which may use them.

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you’ll see … with this problem people will write …

Just to be sure, we are talking about the same thing, right? A card stuck at less than 8/8?

Here’s one of mine:

I can add cards to him to try to make his special increase to 8/8. I can add up to 10 cards at a time. Using 1* cards, the lowest percent I can get is 1% (using red on a blue card), the highest I can get is 20%. Double that using 2*. HOWEVER, I am still at the mercy of RNG (chance), unless my percentage is 100%.

I usually increase my special somewhere between 2% - 22%.

Since you don’t know how RNG will affect your attempt, I suggest that you do one card at a time, many times (using 1-2* cards only).


yes, that’s right, chat does not allow you to write one word … it’s bad

40% means 40% chance of special Increase. They do not stack so I don’t see why you wpuld complain after no increase after 3 tries. The only guaranteed increases are ascension or 100%. Weve all had times where specials nust wont increase even at a 78% chance, it happens


only peresnazh 4 * and passed 2 rebirths, thought it was nonsense, but I shake it above 40% of the result of zero …

Please go back to my last post. I added a bit. :slight_smile:

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Typically with 4 and 5* there is enough time before they are fully ascended to get them to 8/8. 3* are more difficult. It sounds like you know what to do as far as getting the % up. Sometimes it just bad luck. I was half way through the last ascension with Sonia before I finally got the 8/8. And this was with only using blue feeder heroes.


Post the card, it should not be possible to be at 3rd ascension with a card at 1/8 special. If that is the case you definitely need to submit a support ticket


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