The Sixth Team

We need the option of six teams because it is required to have that quantity in alliance wars. How do we use or view the sixth team if we can only make 5.

I previously brought up this idea, but after participating in the wars is clear that having a 6th team really doesn’t affect anything as you need to make a team each time you declare an attack.

The ability to see which heroes you have already used without having to go all the way to the step before attacking would be great. But really, if you’re not assembling your attack teams based on the defender you’re attacking each time you’re probably not maximizing your chances.


True but having the sixth team gives you the ability to see five more heroes and reduces the search for pending heroes.


i like this idea. why not provide tools to ease our gameplay experience?


I agree and support this idea, a trifle but nice! if a random to me is not supportive.


How can you possibly know how you want to set up teams until you see your particular foe? If you have just two green heroes left to take out, you’re surely not going to trot out the next full team, are you? If you answered yes, then please rethink.

Wars require strategic thinking about what heroes you have and what they can do against potential targets. There is no way I could preselects six teams, or even which 30 heroes I will use.


Well, you could if you only have 22 heroes that are 3* and higher… Not everyone has bench depth still.

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All the more reason not to preselect your teams. If you have 22 x 3* or higher and the rest feeders, you’ll have to use feeders, either as filler with your better heroes or on cleanup duty for stragglers. To give them a snowball’s chance, you will have to choose based on color and specials to support each other.

Hmmmm perhaps I need to study the 2* heroes some more. I’m having difficulty understanding why anyone would bring something other than Layla from the 2* lineup.

Even if I was trying to take out a lone rigard, bringing three Nash would be more inhibitory than useful because the tile damage wouldn’t be large enough to counter the mana gain from it. Laylas special combined with ghosting the tiles would be the most efficient clean up crew I’ve noticed. It’s not like the elemental strength/weakness carries over to special skills.

Or would you actually consider weakening every team a little with a feeder hero so the last team wasn’t just 2* heroes? That’s an odd idea to me.

For 2*, I like a combination of Layla, Toril, Zudak, Needler, and Sha Ji. I wouldn’t necessarily break up a solid 3* team, but if I was putting together a team to mop up a couple stragglers, a full team of complementary 2* heroes might do it.

Six teams only? I could think of 13, including teams for each color titan.

Extra teams could be sold for diamonds. Players that don’t need them won’t buy them and that’s fine.

@Kerridoc I agree treating AW teams as “fixed” is likely not the best idea. But in the prepping phase you will likely aim for 6 team wipes as the best bang for your flags. You will aim for fielding 6 worthy teams within the depth of your roster: at least a healer, rainbow composition. Plans are plans so they get revised as circumstances change, but going in unplanned isn’t smart either right?

I’m not against extra slots—I think that’d be a great VIP benefit, as it’s merely a convenience without providing any game mechanics advantage. If I had those slots, though, they’d be used for my five color-specific Titan teams, not AW.

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