The silliest player in this game

Yeah,but you could as well use him as defense team… perfect

Yes! Same! I kept waiting to unlock the skill trees. :laughing:

They actually did add those later (sort of) in the form of emblems. Then costumes added another element as well.

Still not entirely what I was hoping for…? And still mostly locked behind paywalls… but IMO, costumes and emblems are two of the best, most interesting features they’ve added to the game since I started playing. Far from perfect - but still a helluva lot better than “other” stuffs like Alchemy Lab and Tavern of Legends (and the currently proposed Hero Academy), which are all almost entirely useless. :roll_eyes:

I disagree to an extent…I believe emblems revitalized the utility of 4 star heroes but emblems for 5 star heroes with the cost (sheer amount of emblems needed & food/iron resources) have contributed to the stale repetitive defenses/stable of heroes people use.

Hey are we verging away from the realm of silly here?


I think by virtue of my title as No Pants Village idiot…all my posts can automatically qualify for silliest player status.


Well as much as I would love to switch up my defensive teams… last time I checked, SG wasn’t handing out new heroes for free. Let’s say I want to switch up my green hero on defense. Do I replace Lianna with Melendor? Perhaps Kashhrek or Little John?

Durrrr no dummy, put your Telly in.

But I don’t have a Telly.

Then get one.


Uh huh. You see my dilemma here? I can’t guarantee a pull for any hero. But I can grind for emblems for the heroes I already have, to make even my 4* s viable against 5* teams.

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Ah, on Titan colours, my least favourite is the holy one called Emperor Dragon, not because it is particularly dangerous or anything, but because it is holy and the picture of it is a purple dragon, so then you take a yellow team which is weak against it. Way to go game designers. Not sure it counts as silly per se - they really shouldn’t let Titans wear Camouflage


Yes, there’s another as I recall that has a blue tinge to it that keeps throwing me off too. I believe it is red but I keep starting with my green team.

Gotta stop doing my titan hits before my morning coffee.


I’ve done this more time than I should admit. The problem is that when I’ve taken in the wrong titan team and get a pretty good hit, I struggle with the “should I stick with it” argument :grin:

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I literally did that earlier this week. Had an all red team show up while raiding, mono stacked my team and only when the battle started did I realize I had stacked all green :joy::joy::joy:. I laughed, got my posterior handed to me, and moved on.


I just remembered another one. This was again when I first started playing. I had a 3* for all the elements except purple. I was stuck with Layla. So I thought I really need a purple that is 3* or higher. Guess what I did? I patiently waited and DID AN ELEMENTAL SUMMON WITH MY GEMS (only 1 I promise!!! ) the moment the purple elemental summons was live. I clearly didnt know any better. :laughing: I was thinking to myself, I am at least guaranteed a 3* but was secretly hoping for a 4* or higher. and out came drum roll Renfeld. I was like wow, he heals himself, he’s good :rofl:. Renfeld is at 2.1 at the moment.

Since then, I have gotten Tyrum (maxed), Bjorn (maxed) and other unlevelled 3* purples from other summons. However, if i get Renfeld’s costume in the future, I will go back to working on Renfeld cos he’s a 3* Onatel with the costume and would be good in 3* raid tournaments. :face_with_monocle:

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Actually, spending gems to expedite building times can be useful if:

  1. You have a :poop: ton of gems.
  2. The gem expenditure is still less than 150 gems.
  3. You’re full on iron (and struggling to spend it) and you’re expediting the building of a Food or Iron Storage in order to start the next upgrade to that Food or Iron Storage.

I know!!

This happened sometime back. Morning… woke up just then… still groggy… saw that my titan flags are ready and a new titan appeared…
The titan looked purple.
I was like “Alright, I think it’s time to put my yellow team to work.” Assembled my yellow crew.

I kept rolling the board like crazy!! It was a magnificent cascade of tiles!! A thing of beauty…

I was expecting a very big score…

On the results screen, the score was like 8K or something.

The horror dawned upon me. I hit a yellow titan with a yellow team.

Since then, I have always double checked my team’s color and the titan’s color… always!

Devs… is it so hard to make a yellow titan look yellow?


If you are absolutely flush with cash, then you can probably afford to throw gems at anything. Even buy yourself stacks of minor health potions if you want. :laughing:

I was only spending like 5 or 10 gems here and there to skip wait times… but when I say “wait times”, I mean like a couple of hours. Compared to how long it takes to get gems? Yikes!

But then, I view the game through the lens of a cheap bastard. I’m not spending money just to rush one building so that I can start on another, when I can just go to sleep and it’ll be done for free the next day.


haha! but that’s actually NOT a bad choice - it was bad LUCK, but not a bad use of gems.

I did the same when I was… 4-6 months into the game. not sure exactly when. But I already had at least two ascended 4s in every color EXCEPT Yellow. After reading advice on the forums, I decided an elemental summon would be a decent investment in gems (considering the odds). I got Li Xiu. And I wouldn’t get another Yellow 4 until… 4 months later I think, when Chao popped up. Li Xiu helped me a lot especially against Purple tanks.

So again, not a silly decision… it was just bad luck :slight_smile: imagine if you had gotten Rigard or Tibs or Sabina!

Oh wow, 4-6 months without a yellow 4* is pretty long given the odds that there are many opportunities for summons. Li Xiu seems good, I dont have here. Her mana cut can be very annoying when you are about to fire and she goes off. :rage:

I wish I did. At least I didnt get Prisca. :rofl: I still dont have Tib or Sabina. Got a Rigard only last week. Working on him now! :innocent:


'that’s great! Rigard was the very last classic 4* I got… and among the first batch of costumes, his costume is the ONLY one I haven’t been able to get :frowning: so random…

Both Tibs and Sabina are great and I love them, but Rigard is the only cleanser among the classic 4*s (unless you have Sonya and Caedmon costumes). All 3 are great though, and still feature heavily in my Purple stack.

Anyway, I did the stupid thing again. Prepared for a raid, chose 3 heroes, wanted to check the enemy defense to decide on the last 2… and ended up attacking with only 3 heroes. I lost that one… and easily won the next time because I made sure to bring 5 heroes :rofl:

Haha…yeah so much for RNG, I still dont have that much classic 4*. I only have the full set of classic 4* for nature.

Anyways, to add on, I was trying to farm more coins for Atlantis to do those free pulls. I wanted to do the easy stage again in the hopes of facing that rare enemy that drops coins (My team is still not strong for hard mode and stuck at province 12 on normal). Guess what, I didnt realise it was on hard mode AND my heroes were of the weaker element (having done a different stage earlier). Happened twice! TWICE!!! and it costs 7 WE!! ugh! :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


I had quests and losing 12 points…:laughing:
So 7 is ok…it probably gives you auto hard option if you have done easy one.:grin:

It took me some time to realize that I can also fill the colored titan chest with something different than with titans. Silly? At least I felt that way. :crazy_face:

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