The silliest player in this game

OMG…It has been times and times I do level up and then realising that I could do raids and battle titans coz my energy would be refreshed after I level up…


ha, this a lot of tears for a Mr Smile :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. There are far more stupid people out there.

There are peope who feed away 5 star heroes (no duplicate) or pay gems for the daily summon.


Let’s face the truth…tears can’t hide behind a smile🤣

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Wait, what?! :man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:


At the very beginning I was same,but now I have plenty of four star heroes and no plan for them whatsoever…as I have still only ascended 2 star heroes…some 3 star heroes will be coming soon to ascension,but it’s really hard as 3 camps are giving mostly 1 star heroes and 30-35% 2 star

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Me too from a start,I didn’t get game manual…if no forum like this,would be a great amount of monies spent :rofl:


Common mistake. We all make them. Occasionally I forget that I’m close to leveling up, and accidentally do so before using my titan flags. :man_facepalming:

I fed away my first Bane to Sha Ji. :man_facepalming:

I used to spend gems to skip building times. :man_facepalming:

I think every E&P player has done something foolish at one time or another. Live and learn. :grin:


Don’t even get me started on the mistakes I’ve made :grin:


My Bane went straight to Aife lol


Ha Ha…even with a dragon that gives me extra builder, sometimes I do skip time with gems :rofl:

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I think I had a Bane only for few days,after I fed him to Olaf…lmfao🤣


I did that in the beginning… no more! Gems are too precious. The building construction takes forever, that’s an intended part of the game. If you rush one aspect of the game, you’re going to be stuck waiting on another anyway. Example: pull a bunch of good heroes, you still have to wait on ascension materials. Skip times on building and research, you still have to wait for enough food and iron to do the next. Of course you can also spend more $$$ to bypass some of these waits as well, but the costs just go higher and higher until it’s no longer worth it.


I fed mine as soon as I discovered the leveling thingy. Unfortunately, nobody told me that the hero you feed away will be gone… lesson learned the hard way lol

Agree. Same with getting this special offer…waist of monies as you get heroes,but what is the point of 4* or even 5* heroes if them need to be fed with someone…and you gain mostly 1* heroes of camps.
I am in a situation now that trying to ascend 3* heroes,but there plenty of 4* that I would love to see in use…and in a same time,game plan… without it,how can you get successful team. It needs hours of planning as you need to keep in consideration heroes talents too.:grin:
The game time to time depress me as my struggle of resources and my loss rate in raids drives me nuts!:rofl:


I fed my Bane to Sha Ji because I preferred to have a healer. Figured my Sha Ji would end up being a lot stronger than Bane anyway once I brought him up to level 50 or so.

This was of course before I realized that 2* heroes can’t go up to level 50. :laughing:


We’ve all made this mistake, but yeah - it stinks.

Suggest changing thread to “I’m the stupidest player” forum game. I think the rule would be it has to be something true you’ve done or have credibly heard has been done.


Same here…no game manual ever read… And a forum I’ve found only 2 weeks ago. At the moment after 6-7 wks of gameplay wasted like 70£…shame on me. I am really shocked how this kind of game could suck me in and suck my hard earned money :rofl:
I would say that I am not game person,but this game no give me a peace…always in action!:sun_with_face:
I would rather install Mafia on my laptop and stuck in it! :rofl:

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“I gave a compass, fine gloves, 4 warm capes, and even emblems to Agwe.”

Does that count as stupid? :laughing:

In my defense, he was my first 4* blue. And he came in handy when I was still leveling up.


I feel dumb every time I have a hero close to an ascension point and then overfeed them. Even if it’s a small waste of XP like giving a 2 star to a hero who’s only one or two hundred away.


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