The Silent Crusaders looking for help to push on to greater things

The Silent Crusaders

600 cup requirement


We’re looking for players to come in and help us push on. At the moment we go up against level 6-8 titans and hope to nail 8* titans more often.

Although we don’t strategise for wars, we are pretty committed and mostly use all flags every time. We have won more wars than we have lost.

While we are also a new (2-3 months) alliance after breaking away from the old one after it became infested with bots and the established players became inactive, we all have a fair amount of experience and opinions in this game.

Despite the name, we do chat a little so feel free to ask anything, celebrate pulls or complain about pulls/chests. Please note we are not on Line or Discord or anything like that. Team levels range from 28-53 (most of us have team power of 3500+).

All we ask is the usual, use all war flags or opt out and give your best effort when hitting titans.

Come and check us out, hopefully our goals are your goals too…

Judge President Paul

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Sounds like a great place to be and refreshingly honest…


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