The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

It’s your chocolate intake. You spaz out when you have too much sugar.

I didn’t say it was a bad thing.

Spaz out…Me???.. never…lol

So as with most families there is a time when some of the little birdies need to leave the nest and spread their wings…Good news we have room for new birdies…or any other creature great or small
In Pardox Shop Room for 6+
In Shop After Dark room for 5 +

Happy Turkey Day!!!
May you get stuffed up on food just like you stuffed your turkeys. Watch the football game or any other thing you like to watch…afterwards come join the Shoppers…sure we speak our minds…maybe belong in an asylum and least that’s what the guys in the white jackets tell me

Yes we have rules…who doesn’t

Yes we are crazy and sarcastic- at least we are fun

Yes we are competitive but realize RL comes first

Yes sometimes hard decisions are made for the better of the team and not certain individuals

Yes we like you to express your ideas and thoughts versus saying nothing and complaint

We are a team and to function need to work as one. We may not always agree but we do listen

Hello hello openings await you in
The Paradox Shop- room for 7- had some birdies fly out of the nest to spread their wings
Shop After Dark- room for 7- also had birdies fly or may have been booted from the nest from lack of communication skills and following simple rules like if you opt in war be sure to use all flags
One Stop Titan Shop is currently full but never know when opportunities arises. So get in the Shop and grow

If you want to get just a little bit more out of this game, you need to join The Shop Family.

Not only do we help each other out with advice and information, we have a great time doing it.

True true true…plus I hear that there is this incredible STAR in the Shop family whom everyone adores…who would want to pass that up…lol

Hurry hurry spots are getting filled…The word has gotten out that you can be in the presence of a fabulous STAR… who has a history of delusions of greatness…I know my life will never be the same…
One Stop Titan Shop- full
The Paradox Shop- only 4 spots now :scream:
Shop after Dark- still have room 6 spots available for now

It doesn’t matter if you are FTP, CTP, PTW, OCD or Elemenope, we have a spot for you!

Oh are we playing code…sweet
I pick Row C Spot number 8 followed by
Row D Spot number 8
Row E spot number 8
so did I sink a ship…did I

You sank my battleship! Bump!

lol…I couldn’t have sunk your battleship…that requires 5 spots…maybe a submarine

bumpity bump

Somehow “you sunk my submarine” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.


If it’s time for you to make a change, we have spots open in The Paradox Shop and Shop After Dark. We work hard, play hard and hardly lick the windows…some more than others.

Come join one of the oldest families in the game. OSTS is full, but we are still on the lookout for The Paradox Shop and Shop after Dark.

Whatcha talking about Willis…window licking is fun…you just never know what you’re going to get…stomach flu…common cold…just kidding…mostly it’s dead bugs…you know for the protein

Check out the Shops Family! 3shops, 1crazy family!


We are family…got your crazy…sarcastic…and me…la la la la…Working together and that’s how it should be

So this is a perfect time to join the Shop family…we had a few members who needed to leave for RL issues and as a family in spirit we understand during these tough times.
Shop after Dark has spots for 6
The Pardox Shop has a spot for 3
One Stop Titan Shop is currently full but you never know when a spot shall open up for you to advance. As family we often rotate to Shops that need assistance

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