The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

I would do a song but honestly working this weekend and not able to have a drink…Go Shoppers

Apologies for the delusional Star. But come join us and tell her to shut up

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All Shops won their War together

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I will say it again
Nobody puts STAR in the corner…mostly because I can’t be seen properly which is important and since muzzles don’t work …can’t stay silent either…lol

It’s camel day…if you seen the commercial you know what it means…
The Shop Family wants You
still have room in Paradox and Shop after Dark
join now

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Who’s got a bump? I’ve got a bump! Quit screwing around and join already. You know you want to.

Hello everyone this is the place to come if you like random chat, and completely inappropriate memes, which make you question your life choices also we play the game to a reasonably high level, come search for us and give us a go, it might just be a really good decision or a really bad one.

Life is a crazy and inappropriate family…you never know what you’re gonna get.
Join the Shop family…we may be crazy but at least we’re fun

Are you insane…sarcastic…and have a dirty mind…then why have you not considered the Shop Family

Sunday afternoon…just a typical day for a delusional STAR who happens to love the sarcastic…crazy…and smarta$$as in the Shop Family

Hello forum people, you lot clearly like the game, otherwise you wouldn’t be on here, so come and love the fun and stupid chat we have with the best family in the game.

If the Shop Family a playground…I would have to say we are the merry a go around…you know your going to get dizzy…there is a chance you might fly off…but for some strange reason you can’t stop yourself from getting on again

I might be a delusional STAR…but I found a great family who accepts me for just the way I am…and although I may struggle on certain Titans or not do great in every War…my game family is there encouraging me every step of the way

Sorry for the absence, it’s a morning bump from your locally registered Jester.

Thank you for the bump…truly appreciate it from our friendly registered Jester…lol

Stopping by for a family bump. Remember, weird is a side effect of Awesome.

Then a delusional STAR is a sign of greatness…at least that’s what the personalities tell me or was it my cat.

Communication is key and we get that RL happens… We can work around most things if you communicate with us.

A very active, sometimes hyperactive family (Sillystar, I’m looking at you). We bring the fun back into the game. Saucy language is not only permitted, it’s encouraged!

what did I do???..I’m an innocent and lovely STAR… I bring joy to all those that see me…not my fault they worship me…lol

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